[So sánh] Should I buy a Canon or Brother printer?

[So sánh] Should I buy a Canon or Brother printer?


2021-06-01 22:51:18

Should you buy a Canon or Brother printer? This is something that many customers are wondering because both of these printer brands are famous and reputable brands in the market. So, in this article, let’s compare two types of Canon and Brother printers to see what the highlights of each are!

[So sánh] Should I buy a Canon or Brother printer?

Canon and Brother are trademarks of which country?

The origin of the brand is always something that customers care about when learning about any product, including printers. Because customers always want to buy products of reputable brands, with provenance, quality assurance and clear warranty policies.

Canon and Brother printers are products of two brands Canon and Brother, but not everyone knows which country these two brands are from and their origin.

Canon is a famous global brand from Japan specializing in providing all kinds of copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, cameras… Besides key products such as cameras, copiers… Canon printers are also very popular in the market thanks to their clear print quality. With its continuous development, Canon has been and is a brand trusted and used by consumers around the world.

Brother is also a Japanese brand with a longstanding reputation, recognized as a brand with breakthrough products and satisfying customer needs. Today, Brother is a leading brand providing breakthrough quality products for the printing and imaging, label printing and sewing markets. With the motto “customer first”, Brother is continuing to meet all needs of customers with comprehensive quality solutions.

Compare Canon and Brother printers

Advantages and disadvantages of Canon printers


Canon’s printer lines are all manufactured using Japanese technology, the most advanced production line with luxurious design and many leading features. Some of the salient features of this machine include:

  • Has fast print speed, sharp print, no blur.
  • Long life and durability, extremely easy to use and also less prone to problems.
  • Luxurious colors, modern, compact size to save space and easy to move when needed.
  • Operate with high capacity, increase productivity, and save printing time for users.
  • Some models can meet the needs of large volume printing of users.
  • Parts are cheap, easy to find and replace.

Advantages and disadvantages of Canon printers


Although there are many advantages in features and performance, Canon printers have a higher price than many other printer models, besides, the ink used for Canon printers is often quite expensive, so it is better to use the Canon printer cartridges. Using this model will cost you more than other brands’ products.

Pros and cons of Brother printers


Although Brother printers have not gained a prominent advantage in the market like Canon printers, this product line still has advantages that are highly appreciated by users such as:

  • Neat design, modern and sophisticated colors, suitable for office spaces.
  • Print quality is good, sharp, less blurred.
  • Rarely encounter a paper jam error, if any, it can be fixed very simply.
  • The machine is durable and affordable, with few problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of Brother printers


Although the Brother printer is highly appreciated for its performance and durability, it still has a few disadvantages such as:

  • The machine has an ink chip for the purpose of counting printed pages, so when the number of pages specified by the manufacturer is reached, the chip will be locked and the toner cartridge and chip must be replaced.
  • The cost of spare parts for Brother machines is quite high, so if a problem occurs, it will cost a lot of repair costs.

Should I buy a Canon or Brother printer?

In general, the fact that both Canon and Brother printers are high-quality printers, worthy of your peace of mind to buy and use. However, each model also has its own advantages, suitable for different customers.

If you want to buy a printer with a luxurious, modern design, high performance, clear print quality and don’t care much about the price, then a Canon printer is a better choice.

Should I buy a Canon or Brother printer?

However, if you are limited in terms of cost and still want to own a good quality printer that delivers clear, sharp prints, then a Brother printer will be more suitable for you. During use, you need to be careful, avoid damaging the machine’s components because replacing will be quite difficult and costly.

In addition, when buying a printer, you should choose reputable units to ensure product origin to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods. META is one of the reputable addresses that you can refer to when you want to buy Canon and Brother printer products. With the experience of serving thousands of customers, META is committed to Genuine Products, Long-term Prestige, Nationwide Delivery & Warranty Service.

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Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to answer yourself whether buying a Canon or Brother printer is right for your needs. Don’t forget to regularly visit TipsMake.com to refer to more interesting information! See you in the next posts!


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