Solana “encroached” as a Web3 smartphone, creating a dApp store

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2022-06-29 11:45:44

Solana Mobile Stack on Android mobile platform has just been revealed. Solana expands to launch its own smartphone in 2023.

At the event held this morning (June 24) in New York, CEO Solana Labs – Anatoly Yakovenko revealed about Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), a new software ecosystem built on Android.

The suite is aimed at developing Web3 mobile applications, extending the NFT marketplace to decentralized trading platforms. In particular, the form that goes with it is a smartphone designed by Solana, named: Sagawhich is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Solana Labs hopes Saga will be a stronger bridge to bring the web3 ecosystem closer to everyone

Details of SMS software include:

  • Seed Vault: A software solution that stores private keys, seed phrases, as well as sensitive information that needs to be protected on Android devices.
  • Solana Pay: Used to facilitate mobile payments.
  • Decentralized dApp store: for mobile devices, providing easy access to Web3 applications and wallets built on Solana for free.
  • SMS also allows mint (create) and trade NFT, access to Solana Defi as well as Web3 games on Solana.

The phone will feature a 6.6-inch OLED display with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage and a built-in private key security solution. The phone is expected to have a retail price of about 1000 USD, receive a deposit of 100 USD and will give priority to Solana developers first. Early pre-orders will receive a limited edition NFT marking its launch.

Those who know the CEO of Solana Labs will certainly not be surprised by the project’s expansion into the field of phone manufacturing. Because Mr. Yakovenko was an engineer at Qualcomn, leading development teams building technology leveraged by Samsung, LG and Google.

“Nearly 7 billion smartphone users around the world and over 100 million digital asset holders. Both of those numbers will continue to grow. Saga sets a new standard for mobile web3 experiences.” Yakovenko – co-founder of Solana confirmed.

In addition, Solana Labs has set up a separate organization to manage its flagship product Saga, also known as Solana Mobile.

The Solana Foundation also set up a new $10 million ecosystem fund to incentivize developers to build applications that integrate technology from SMS. Projects in the Solana ecosystem that will develop apps/support for Saga include NFT MagicEden exchange, Move-to-Earn StepN application, OkayBears NFT project, Orca DEX exchange, Phantom wallet, etc.

The push into web3-focused hardware represents a notable shift that brings Solana closer to users on the mobile version. In fact, many times this network has faced technological hurdles, shutting down because of congestion. The most recent occurred in early June.

FTX exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, a backer of the Solana ecosystem, commented:

“Everything is going to be on mobile. However, mobile apps for crypto are being left behind. The best solution now is to have the wallet built into your smartphone.”

Talking about the history of the crypto industry, Solana is not the first to intend to make smartphones with integrated wallets, or blockchain technology. In 2018, SIRIN LABS and HTC Exodus are two pioneering units initiated. HTC even incorporates the browser Opera, Brave and Binance 2019. However, both of these products failed to create widespread appeal and gradually left the scene.

In 2022 – 2023, will Solana Labs write a different story?

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