Solana Foundation Sued |  The United States Is Very Interested in Stablecoins

Solana Foundation Sued | The United States Is Very Interested in Stablecoins

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2022-10-01 16:37:59

Market situation

Last Friday, stocks went almost sideways. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.15%, the S&P 500 fell 0.08% and the Nasdaq gained 0.12%. Oil price increased slightly to 104 USD/barrel. Gold is flat at 1740 USD/ounce.

Bitcoin is still holding around $20,000. Altcoins fell slightly in the same trend.

The weekend market was not informative and quite quiet.

Solana Foundation Sued

A Solana investor has filed a class-action lawsuit against key parties in the Solana ecosystem for allegedly making misleading statements and profiting from the sale of unregistered SOL securities to small customers. odd.

Mark Young filed a lawsuit on July 1 against Solana Labs, the Solana Foundation, Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko, crypto investment firm Multicoin Capital and co-founder Kyle Samani, as well as the FalconX exchange. .

The reason why the investor group sued all of the above related parties is because they believe that the sued parties are linked together to manipulate the price of Solana, advertising for SOL even though it has technology problems. The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California, represented by law firms Roche Freedman and Schneider Wallace.

America is interested in stablecoins

The US Treasury Department has assigned President Joe Biden a cryptocurrency framework for US government agencies to work with their foreign counterparts. The framework is intended to encourage the development of digital assets while respecting “US core democratic values” and ensuring the stability and safety of the global financial system and the global financial system. international currency.

This announcement focuses on stablecoins, not stablecoins. The United States will also work with G20 member countries to identify potential risks to financial stability posed by digital assets, promote cryptocurrency regulations, and consult members on macroeconomic challenges.

Stable coins are very important for the crypto market. For the US, it is even more important because the stable currency is largely based on the US dollar. It also helps boost the USD in the crypto market so the US ban on stablecoins is very low. Government efforts to learn how to manage copper stability, which agency to regulate,…

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