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Consumer worries

Mr. P (Company Manager in Ho Chi Minh City) who owns a car shared: “As a manager, after an eight-hour work week, I want to spend the whole weekend off. for wife and children. However, taking the car to the service center is too time consuming for me, even leaving me without a car to take my family out.”

Or Ms. M (office worker in Hanoi) said: “When I was riding a motorbike, I always wanted a car to go to work. So, she used up all her savings and borrowed a bank loan to buy a car. Now she just wants to sell the car because the cost of care and maintenance is a problem that makes her headache. The car loan hasn’t been paid in full yet, but now I have to spend money to take care of the car.”

For most consumers, the time and money spent on cars is always a big worry. From the love of owning a car to moving, when faced with the above problems, owners feel ‘bored’ of cars all the time.

Understanding that, director Charlie Nguyen and actor Johnny Tri Nguyen co-founded JP24 specialized car care brand in Vietnam, helping car lovers no longer feel ‘fearful’ when owning a car.

Solve your worries with high-class car care products from Japan

The duo of Super Gloss and Air Wash products from Brand JP24 are high-end car care products on the market today. Not only helping car owners save time on car maintenance, these two products also help save a large amount of monthly car care costs.

Super Gloss

Using advanced mirror coating technology that has been rigorously researched and tested by leading Japanese experts, Super Gloss acts as a car protection layer, making the car paint outstandingly water-resistant. Besides, Super Gloss keeps the car paint shiny, limiting all impacts from the outside environment.

Super Gloss – A spray to protect the surface of shiny car paint

In addition, the use of Super Gloss spray provides strong chemical and UV resistance to the coating. As a result, cars have increased protection, improved and enhanced durability for car paint.

Just spend 15 minutes using Super Gloss spray, cars will be optimally protected for up to 90 days, helping car owners no longer spend too much time and money.

Air Wash

In order to take care of the car professionally according to the standards of the centers, polishing the surface of the car is not enough, the space inside the car also needs to be regularly deodorized and disinfected by the Air Wash spray product.

Fermented ethanol and natural antibacterial agents in Air Wash have a bactericidal effect of up to 99%, preventing harmful bacteria. Not only helping to clean and disinfect the interior of the car, Air Wash is also capable of cleaning leather seats, felt ceilings and houses.

Air Wash – Optimal disinfection and deodorization for the interior of the car

Infused with natural deodorants that absorb odor-causing bacteria and prevent their growth, Air Wash is capable of eliminating unpleasant and stubborn odors such as tobacco or pet odors. JP24 ensures that Air Wash products are completely extracted from nature, absolutely safe for users.

About JP24 brand and consumer support

JP24 brand is a brand specializing in providing high-class car care products in the Japanese market. Owning a team of experienced professionals, the brand has focused on researching and producing quality and prestigious car care products.

Director Charlie Nguyen and actor Johnny Tri Nguyen are the founders of JP24 brand in Vietnam

Recently, the two founders of director Charlie Nguyen and actor Johnny Tri Nguyen and Skylink Retail Co., Ltd., the unit responsible for distribution, co-organized the opening event of JP24’s showroom in Vietnam. The great interest from customers, Media Units and Artists is a testament to JP24’s position and prestige in Vietnam.

The artists congratulated the opening event of the JP24 brand’s Showroom

Coming to the Showroom, customers will directly experience two high-class car care products Air Wash and Super Gloss. Showroom address: 199 Nguyen Hoang, An Phu, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

A duo of high-end car care products at the showroom of the brand JP24

Customers can refer to more information about the product here


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