Some of the latest updates on the game Engines of Fury (FURY)

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2022-05-20 02:33:32

Although the market has had many big fluctuations in the past time, but Engines Of Fury is still working hard to stay true to the committed schedule. It’s time to recap our journey with some notable updates.

Some of the latest updates on the game Engines of Fury (FURY)

Engines of Fury has a solid long-term plan, dedicated team and strong enough resources to keep the project on track in all conditions. The game’s release date is approaching (Q4/2022), Engines of Fury is working tirelessly to bring the most perfect game. Here’s all you need to know about the project’s progress.

Complete the first critical stage

The best news is that the first phase of Engines of Fury has been successfully completed! Engines of Fury Completed:

  • PVE mode: This is probably where the player first interacts, so this game mode has to work perfectly.
  • PVE game mode: Boss fighting mechanism (AI). Boss fights will be the most advanced PVE game mode, requiring precise mechanics and fun functionality to keep players engaged.
  • The competitive and fair champion upgrade system is up and running smoothly.
  • Camera positioning. The camera angle is often the first thing that players notice, so Engines of Fury has made them user-friendly and visually appealing.

Completing the first arena test

Stoneport’s champions are only allowed to fight in the arenas to ensure order in the post-apocalyptic punk world. That’s why Engines of Fury quickly built and tested its first arena. Engines of Fury conceptualized, developed the surrounding architecture and finally completed the structure for the arena completely.

Launch the backend development environment

Engines of Fury has launched a backend development environment that is used to create and test in-game NFTs, gameplay, and other features. This environment will make Engines of Fury’s work faster and more efficient.

Champion customization tool development

Engines of Fury has developed a special tool for customizing champions in the Unity environment. Now, users can test and improve different identities for NFT and customize the character to their liking.

While some great results have been achieved over the past few months, these are just the beginning, with many more exciting updates to come, stay tuned with CHK.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a game built on blockchain that allows players to transform into game characters to participate in in-game battles. The game also has 2 game modes PvE, and PvP similar to other current P2E games.

Participation Engines of Fury Vietnam community group to update the latest news about the project.

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