Son Tung MT-P gaming chair is also more than 16 million

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2021-04-22 20:44:27

(CHK) A short video recently posted by Son Tung M-TP shows the guy using a pretty high-end gaming chair.

Until now, every time Son Tung M-TP appeared, there were expensive items. Not only super cars, brands, but even the most advanced technology items today.

The Gaming chair comes from Son Tung’s AKRacing

Last week, in a new photo, Son Tung caused fever with the use of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 computer. In the recently posted video, fans quickly realized that he is also using a very good Gaming chair.

It’s a Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair from renowned manufacturer AKRacing. This chair is currently sold genuine for $ 629 (about 14.5 million). This price is the same as a mid-range gaming console.

This chair is made of perforated PU leather which helps in ventilation and does not cause squash when used. Designed in the “Ergonomic” trend, the seat has a wide frame and the seats are deeper than usual for a comfortable seat. Of course, the manufacturer also integrates the seat with the footrest. The high-end gaming chair also uses a lot of cold foam cushion to help bring the feeling of sitting comfortably, without getting hot.

Currently, the AKRacing Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair is not distributed in Vietnam. In some game product chains, there are currently only lower lines of AKRacing with prices ranging from 6-10 million VND.


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