Sony and director John Wick are about to make an adaptation of the hit game Ghost of Tsushima

Sony and director John Wick are about to make an adaptation of the hit game Ghost of Tsushima


2021-03-27 05:36:05

In recent years, many film studios have begun to focus on exploiting and investing in adaptations from famous games. There are some famous names such as Mortal Kombat (Warner Bros. and New Line Studios), Minecraft (Warner Bros.), Assassin’s Creed series, The Elder Scroll (Netflix) or The Last of Us (HBO). .

Sony certainly cannot ignore this fertile land, especially in the context that they are constantly promoting their electricity segment. After completing the shooting process for the “forever finished” project Uncharted, recently Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions suddenly announced: They will be producing a movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima – an action game. Sucker Punch Productions’ open world action and just released last year.

Ghost of Tsushima will be the next name to join the lineup of video game adaptations.

Currently, all information related to the script, the main cast or the filming schedule of this project is still unknown. However, Sony has always announced that the title “master” of the movie Ghost of Tsushima is Chad Stahelski, director of the cult franchise John Wick. Scenes, adventurous moves in many big blockbusters such as Deadpool, The Hunger Games, Captain America: Civil War or The Matrix Reloaded Alex Young and Jason Spitz, of 87Eleven Entertainment, will take on the role of producers. Besides, Peter Kang, representative of Sucker Punch Productions, will oversee this project to make sure the film is as close to the original as possible.

Asad Qizilbash, Director of PlayStation Productions said: “We are delighted to be working with Chad and 87Eleven Entertainment to be able to bring the story of Jin Sakai (the main character in Ghost of Tsushima) to the screen. We love working with creative partners like Chad, who have a strong passion for our games, which in turn guarantees an adaptation that has enough depth and appeal. for both the fans of the game as well as the new audience“.

Sony and director John Wick are about to make an adaptation of the hit game Ghost of Tsushima - Photo 2.

Director and action specialist Chad Stahelski will be the “master” of Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima project.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action and adventure game released on July 17, 2020 on Sony’s PlayStation 4. This game revolves around the samurai Jin Sakai with the mission to protect Tsushima island when the Mongols conducted their first invasion of Japan in 1274. Up to now, Ghost of Tsushima has sold about 6.5 million copies. game around the world, received countless major international awards. Including the two categories of Best Art Direction and Best Voice Actor at The Game Awards 2020.

As noted above, it is currently unclear when Ghost of Tsushima will start shooting and who will be playing the main role. However, director Chad Stahelski is still very busy with the recording process for John Wick 4 to be released on May 27, 2022 (scheduled schedule). So, most likely he will only be able to start making Sony’s movie after the project ends.

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