Sony is about to launch BRAVIA XR TV in Vietnam: Integrating the new Cognitive Processor XR

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2021-04-23 00:53:48

(CHK) It is expected that Sony Vietnam will launch the Bravia XR TV model on April 27 with outstanding improvements compared to its predecessor, especially the integration of a completely new cognitive processor.

Sony launched the Bravia XR TV model at the CES 2021 online event in January. So far, Sony has decided to bring this TV series to users in Vietnam. TV Bravia XR is expected to be launched on the Vietnamese market on April 27.

Bravia XR TVs are the world’s first line of cognitive intelligence TVs. With an intelligent Cognitive Processor XR capable of cross-analyzing and optimizing hundreds of thousands of elements, Bravia XR TV reproduces images that are as precise and clear as the human eye can perceive them.

Sony says the Cognitive Processor XR is to recreate the way users see and hear, when powered by cognitive intelligence, dividing the screen into multiple zones and detecting the position of the focus in the image, cross-accumulate a bunch of elements at once and resemble the human brain, significantly more so than AI.

The processor can also analyze the sound position in the signal for exactly what is on screen, converting any sound into 3D surround for the highest level of fidelity that can be learned. , analyze and understand large amounts of data and intelligently optimize each pixel for vivid images and sound. In addition, the Bravia XR TV also integrates Acoustic Surface Audio technology and 3D Surround Upgradable technology.

Bravia XR TV series possesses many new features for users to freely choose. Bravia XR TV has two options of LED and OLED panels, sizes stretching from 50 to 100 inches, supports HDMI 2.1 connections, runs HDH Android TV.

HDMI 2.1 is a big addition needed for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners who want to play games in full 4K at a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Bravia XR TVs are likely to launch in Vietnam:

  • Master Series Z9J 8K LED – this is Sony’s most advanced TV version with two sizes 85 inches and 75 inches.
  • Sony Bravia A90J Master Series 4K OLED has 3 size options: 55 inch, 65 inch and 83 inch.
  • Next is the Sony Bravia A80J 4K OLED with 2 size options: 55 inch and 77 inch.
  • Finally, the Sony Bravia X90J 4K LED with a screen size of 100 inches.


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