Sony launches multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help live party sound, show off your voice everywhere

Sony launches multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help live party sound, show off your voice everywhere

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2022-11-27 21:43:43

Embodying the spirit of “Live Life Loud” – “enjoying life to the fullest”, the SRS-XV900 delivers an exhilarating audio experience to music lovers around the world. With their clear, distinctive sound, Sony’s new X series speakers will help you fully enjoy every moment, bringing life to unforgettable parties.

Fill the space with omnidirectional party sounds

Sony’s new line of wireless speakers is designed to fill the space with sound. The X-Balanced driver features a nearly rectangular diaphragm, maximizing surface area, increasing pressure and reducing distortion. Meanwhile, Jet Bass Booster technology delivers deep, solid and powerful bass. The mid-woofer reproduces vocals superbly; while 6 tweeters at the front, side and rear spread highs in all directions.

Sony launched the multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help lively party sound, showing off the voice everywhere - Photo 2.

You can control the speaker easily via the touch screen on the top, allowing you to change features, parameters and lights with just one touch.

Showing off tone super top with processing degree karaoke multi form and boiling dynamic

If you love karaoke, the versatile speaker SRS-XV900 will be the ideal choice. You just need to plug in the microphone, choose the song and confidently show your singing ability. With two audio inputs (microphone and guitar), you can even plug in a guitar and use the speaker as an amplifier. Not stopping there, your voice will be enhanced by the Double Tracking feature through the use of the Fiestable mobile app.

The new SRS-XV900 speaker is also compatible with the Sony app | Music Center and Fiestable. With Sony | Music Center, you can choose playlists, suggest the next song, change lighting effects and sound modes. Fiestable gives you access to cool features to help create the ultimate party atmosphere, such as creating party playlists, karaoke features including Voice Changer (voice changer) and Echo (voice changer) echo adjustment), besides DJ control allows adding sound effects.

Sony launched the multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help vivid party sound, showing off the voice everywhere - Photo 3.

Mega Bass and Live Sound

Mega Bass is a feature that allows you to enhance the bass of your speakers, providing more impressive depth and solidity.

With Sony’s new range of speakers, you can enjoy music as if you were hearing it live at the event. With Live Sound mode, you can recreate the signature atmosphere and feel the real moments and emotions from the performance of your favorite songs. Live Life Loud and create memorable moments with the SRS-XV900 all-in-one speaker.

Long battery life, convenient profit go transfer ask for a favor hand hold and cake car

The speaker has a built-in convenient handle. Whenever you want to move the speaker, grab the handle and tilt the speaker back and pull it away. The sturdy wheels will help you comfortably carry the SRS-XV900 speaker to any party you want.

Besides, thanks to the SRS-XV900’s 25-hour battery life, you can comfortably enjoy music and parties without interruption. If you detect that your speaker is about to run out of battery, the fast charging technology on the SRS-XV900 will help the speaker to use continuously for 3 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. Along with Battery Care mode, you will not need to worry about battery bottles due to overcharging.

TV Sound Booster Features elevate range TV sound experience

Sony launches multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help lively party sound, showing off voice everywhere - Photo 4.

The multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 is equipped with the TV Sound Booster feature, which elevates the sound experience of the TV. The deep bass and realistic highs from the SRS-XV900 fill the room and enhance the TV’s sound quality, giving you the ultimate audio-visual experience whether you’re watching a live show or a movie. With just a simple operation of plugging the optical cable (supplied with speakers) into the TV and activating the TV Sound Booster, this feature is available for all brands and models of TVs on the market.

Easy connection

Party Connect via Bluetooth® allows you to connect up to 100 lines of compatible Sony Bluetooth speakers, creating a sound and light sync experience for mega-party, ensuring everyone all blend in with the same rhythm. And if your cell phone is running low on battery, you can even plug it into the speaker and charge it directly.

The SRS-XV900 also allows you to instantly connect the speaker to your phone via the Bluetooth quick connect feature for Android.

Sony launched the multi-function speaker SRS-XV900 to help lively party sound, showing off the voice everywhere - Photo 5.

Sony SRS-XV900 multi-function speaker will be sold in Vietnam for VND 23,490,000 from December 5, 2022 through Sony Store Online, Sony Center store, dealer system and Sony’s official distribution store . Especially, when buying SRS-XV900 products from December 5, 2022 to January 23, 2023, customers will receive a karaoke microphone set worth VND 2,500,000.

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