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2023-03-15 00:47:40

Sony Electronics Vietnam officially launched Creators’ Cloud – a platform to support creative work from shooting to crafting by combining Sony’s advanced camera technology with cloud-based AI. Not only providing a diverse and seamless flow of apps and features, the Creators’ Cloud platform is also a place for content creators to discover and collaborate with like-minded people around the world.

Mr. Yasufumi Makitani, Head of Digital Imaging Division of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “For the Creators’ Cloud platform, we want content creators to see cloud-hosted applications as the basic tools for their work. In addition, Sony also expects wants creators to realize that the camera is also an important element of a creator’s work.In addition, the boundaries between hardware and software, online and offline are increasingly being blurred thanks to Therefore, I believe Creators’ Cloud will create a very special space where all the work of a creator is gathered and combined. with each other seamlessly. And with what is depicted, this ecosystem will certainly be an integral part of a creator’s work in the near future.”

Previously, Creators’ Cloud was launched by Sony in September 2022, aimed at professional users and businesses. Therefore, in this next launch, Sony wants to expand its applications and services to individuals or small groups of content creators. Specifically, the Creators’ Cloud platform for individual creators will include cloud storage, which will be available anytime, anywhere. Next, Ci Media Cloud will be used for image and video compositing and processing, and Discover – a community for creators to post content, find new ideas, and find new ideas. connect. The Creators’ Cloud platform, launched to target independent creators, includes the Creators’ App – an application that allows the transfer of data from the camera to the cloud 1.

Mr. Yasufumi Makitani, Head of Digital Imaging Division of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific also said: “We understand that content creators are gradually looking for a suitable ‘one-stop service’ that will integrate their creative tools and allow them to share and learn from their creators. creative professionals around the world. More importantly, this “one-stop service” can provide business opportunities for them. Creators’ Cloud – an ecosystem developed by AI technology is the “destination” that they need to visit once in their creative career.”

Enable content to be instantly visible across multiple devices through the Creators App

Enables easy transfer of images or videos stored on Sony cameras to the cloud, through the Creators App, Creators’ Cloud helps creators securely view or share content with the community , efficient and fast.

Creators’ App

The Creators’ App is considered a “descendant” of Imaging Edge Mobile Plus as it acts as an extension of the camera to upload, view and manage content (videos and images) stored in the cloud. In particular, Creators’ App highlights the following features:

  • Easily transfer photos and videos to the cloud or to a mobile device, even while you’re shooting, even when the camera is off or charging.
  • Remotely control the camera with a smartphone, including performing operations, updating and changing camera settings.
  • Up to 5GB of Cloud Storage for any user with a Sony account, and 25GB if you own select Sony cameras.

At the time of launch, uploading data to the Creators’ Cloud was available on the α7 IV and ZV-1F through the Creators’ App mobile app. In addition, with the launch of Creators’ App for individuals, the “C3Portal App” – currently offered to businesses will be renamed “Creators’ App for enterprise”.

Collaboration with Ci Media Cloud

As Sony’s highly successful online creative collaboration and content management service, Ci Media Cloud has accompanied and supported more than 150,000 creative professionals worldwide. In the near future, Ci will expand subscription packages with a suitable pricing policy for individuals or small groups of content creators, enabling them to work together on the same platform anytime, anywhere and by many different devices. By using this application. In particular, with the integration of the Adobe Premiere Pro dashboard for existing mobile apps and Apple TV apps, Ci continues to develop features and integrations that enable creative professionals to work more simply. , smarter.

Create a global community of creators

“Discover” is the outstanding new feature of Creators’ Cloud launching today. Through this feature, you can share your work and chat with other visual creators around the world, and also get exclusive access to the work of talented ambassadors from Sony and see behind-the-scenes content of the shooting process.

The feature will also allow you to reach a global audience of visual content creators by showcasing a portfolio of captured or crafted work. Or you can view the work of others and creatively share helpful information – the camera, lens or other device you used, along with settings and shooting locations. , thereby interacting, learning and inspiring in the community.

The Discover feature is accessed through the Creators’ App and website browser.


In the future, Creators’ Cloud will continue to expand and develop new services and features based on user feedback to refine and add appropriately.

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