Sony Vietnam launches an attractive promotion to welcome the 2021 Asian Football Championship

Sony Vietnam launches an attractive promotion to welcome the 2021 Asian Football Championship


2021-06-08 05:56:27

Golden opportunity to receive quality incentives

Specifically, customers who buy some Sony BRAVIA TV series depending on the series will receive a discount of up to 13 million VND with only OLED TV models and some high-end models, such as A90J, A80J, A9G, A9S, A8H , A8G, A8F, 85Z8H, 85Z9J, 85X9500G, 85X9000H, customers will receive an additional 1 year warranty, bringing the total warranty period for these products to 3 years.

In addition, with these TVs, customers can enjoy up to 12 months of exclusive copyrighted content for free through FPT Play, VieON, GalaxyPlay, ClipTV, and VTV Cab On applications.

Especially, from June 8 to August 29, customers who buy Sony BRAVIA TVs from 43″ and above will be able to buy a sound system with a discount of up to 50%, applicable to models such as HT-G700, HT -S700RF, HT-S500RF,…

Enjoy the top UEFA Euro matches with the cognitive intelligence processor XR

Not only stopping at attractive promotions, football fans also enjoy the clear and realistic football phase as if they were in the stands right at their home with the BRAVIA XR TV series – cognitive intelligence TV. first in the world. Owning a Cognitive Processor XR including XR Picture and XR Sound, Sony’s latest TVs can cross-analyze several hundred thousand different elements at the same time similar to how the human brain works. In this way, each element will be adjusted for the best results and synchronized with each other to create a harmony and a feeling of complete realism – something that AI has not been able to achieve yet. Specifically, with XR Picture, XR Color technology will help compare the degraded color of the signal with the diverse color palette of nature, thereby restoring the original, XR Clarity helps BRAVIA XR to upgrade any any signal source to 4K or 8K resolution, and intelligently reproduce lost textures and details. At the same time, XR Contrast enhances contrast and XR Motion Clarity ensures the sharpness of moving scenes, thereby providing a complete experience for each shadow.

At the same time, the passionate atmosphere of the arena will be vividly reproduced through XR Surround, with cognitive intelligence that upscales all signals to 3D surround sound that covers the entire room. In addition, viewers can feel the sound that exactly matches the picture, for a truly immersive experience thanks to sound positioning (XR Sound Postion) with audio technology emitted from the screen (Acoustics Surface). Audio/Acoustics Multi Audio)


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