Sorare’s NFT sales spike with “support” from star Kylian Mbappé

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2022-07-02 05:26:42

Sales of Sorare, the NFT platform specializing in football, skyrocketed when the company successfully signed the player with the highest salary in the world Kylian Mbappé (£ 1 million / week). ).

Sorare’s NFT sales spike with “support” from star Kylian Mbappé

On June 29, Sorare announced the signing of soccer star Kylian Mbappé, forward for Paris Saint-Germain FC and the 2018 World Cup-winning French national team, as the 2018 World Cup winner. investors and global ambassadors for the platform. Sorare has also pledged to support Mbappé’s Inspired by KM charity, as part of the deal. This is Mbappé’s first foray into the Web3 space.

According to data from CryptoSlam, Sorare has seen a significant increase in secondary market trading. In 24 hours, Sorare’s NFT sales were worth more than $6.7 million, with an increase of 808.38%.

This is more than double the trading volume of any other “blue chip” project on the market, higher than both CryptoPunks ($3.8 million) and Bored Ape Yacht Club ($2.3 million). ), despite a 94% drop in NFT trading volume on top marketplaces.

NFT sales of popular platforms in the last 24 hours.  Source: CryptoSlam
NFT sales of popular platforms in the last 24 hours. Source: CryptoSlam

Sorare is a fantasy sports game that uses NFTs to represent player cards. Users obtain cards of real-life players from over 250 international teams and can then use them to build squads, earning points from their respective players’ real-world performances. Sorare has many active tournaments and rewards are offered to winners in the form of NFTs as well as ETH.

The platform claims to have over 2 million users, with CryptoSlam recording over $350 million to date in NFT trading volume. In addition, Sorare has raised $680 million in Series B funding led by SoftBank at a valuation of $4.3 billion.

Also in May 2022, Sorare announced a partnership with the American Baseball League (MLB) to launch an NFT fantasy baseball game in the third quarter of 2022. The game will focus exclusively on the league and its 30 clubs, and is part of Sorare’s broader effort to establish a broader presence in the United States.

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