Specific selling price for each NFT Plant Empires chest opened on October 5

Specific selling price for each NFT Plant Empires chest opened on October 5

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2022-10-10 10:07:42

Specific selling price for each chest NFT Plant Empires

Official: On October 5, Chest NFT Plant Empires server 2 will be open for sale.

Selling price of each chest and Bonus ticket

For ease of calculation, I will take the current PEFI price: 0.006 USD.

  • Gold Chest: 5,999 PEFI ~ 36 USD + Bonus Gold ticket 24 USD
  • Platinum Chest: 11,999 PEFI ~ 72 USD + Bonus Platinum ticket 45 USD
  • Herald Chest: 21,999 PEFI ~ 132 USD + Bonus Herald ticket 90 USD
  • Ruby Chest: 38,999 PEFI ~ 234 USD + Bonus Ruby ticket 150 USD
  • Diamond Chest: 68,999 PEFI ~ 414 USD + give Diamond ticket 330 USD
Price of NFT Plant Empires chests
Bonus ticket information when buying Chest NFT Plant Empires

Investment strategy

Depending on the gameplay and the player’s expectations, if the expectations are high, you can buy a Ruby Chest or a Diamond chest. Lower expectations can buy Gold, Platinum, Herald Chest to try their luck.

If a player has earned a PEFI on server 1, they can use that same PEFI to buy a chest on server 2;

Types of chests have different opening rates, so opening will depend on luck quite a lot (including Diamond chest still unlucky Mythic);

Chest NFT Plant Empires is sold with both PEFI and ROFI, in case PEFI-Chest runs out, players can exchange PEFI to ROFI to buy (price may be different);

The NFT Plant Empires chest unlocks for sure 3 stars, and these NFTs can be maxed out to a very powerful 6 stars;

The applicability of chest NFT Plant Empires: Tradeable, limited quantity, hard to depreciate if the game still earns good profits.

Reward pool

You have seen the growth of Pool Bonus Server 2 recently from 300,000 PEFI to 500,000 PEFI after only 3 seasons;

One Ruby chest = 2 seasons top 1;

One Diamond Chest = 3 seasons top 1;

The remaining NFT Plant Empires chests only need to be in the top 50 for a few seasons to be able to buy them.

Bonus ticket

Each NFT Plant Empires chest purchased will receive a bonus ticket corresponding to that chest type. When buying chest Gold ~ 36u will receive a Gold ticket worth 24u,… Chest Diamond ~ 414 USD will receive a bonus ticket of 330 USD – this is called buy 1 get 2.

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