Sporty design, powerful engine, 80 km on a single charge

Sporty design, powerful engine, 80 km on a single charge


2022-11-07 13:50:50

Busy life makes us not have time to practice sports. Meanwhile, commuting will cost you a lot. Taking advantage of commuting time to exercise by bicycle is a fairly popular trend these days.

However, if you cycle to work or school, you will be sweaty and difficult to work. For this reason ADO A20 XE has emerged as a solution to the problems of being able to cycle to work or school, but you can also exercise when you need it thanks to the included 350W electric motor.

The ability to fold also allows the ADO A20 XE to be easily carried on the train or in the trunk of a car when needed. With a selling price of only VND 16,500,000, the ADO A20 XE e-bike can be a good choice for your multi-use travel and sports training needs.

Sport Design

Ado A20 XE is designed compactly according to the trend of sports bikes with a sturdy body in the form of a sturdy box. At the front are dual telescopic shock absorbers like real mountain bikes. Shock absorbers help to suppress vibrations during travel to provide a more stable and comfortable driving experience.

The bike uses 20-inch wheels – a popular wheel size of urban bicycles. This helps the car look somewhat small combined with the saddle post that can be easily adjusted to fit the user’s height. Ado A20 XE is suitable for users with height from 1m40 – 1m90.

The chassis is designed to be folded in half with a single lever. The steering wheel also has a lever for folding.

When opened, users can see the battery in the middle with the switch lock below. The position of this lock helps to increase the compactness of the car when folding.

The bike’s pedals are placed at a slightly higher position compared to conventional vehicles. When using, users will need to raise the saddle and handlebars a bit. This is exactly the same as off-road vehicles and it keeps the occupants taller and less likely to be shot in the event of water or sand.

The front and rear wheels of the car both use 6-spoke cast rims to create a strong and modern feeling. The tire is a spiked type that makes it easy to move mixed asphalt or even bad uneven roads.

Ado A20 XE is quite easy for users to adjust or add accessories to their liking. The car is available with both front and rear fenders, which can be easily disassembled at will. In addition, users can also buy additional accessories to increase the convenience of the car such as rear seat cushions, adding extra bags. All are easy to install without the need for complicated operations or special tools.

Mounted on the front fender is an LED light cluster that provides high brightness. The low installation position of the light helps users to have a long view but cover the entire roadbed below to avoid collisions with obstacles.

The steering wheel is designed quite compactly with a minimalist LCD control panel in the center. The operation method is quite simple and easy to operate after only a few tries.

Brake levers, gear shift levers, bells and starters are neatly installed, easy to operate at hand, whether moving or standing.

Vehicles using mechanical disc brakes at both front and rear not only bring more aesthetics but also help the car use safer.

Folds easily

Folding is a very important feature for an urban vehicle like the Ado A20 XE. Folding will help users easily carry the car on public transport or simply store it in the house, leave the trunk of the car…etc.

To fold the car, users use the latch lever at the neck of the car to collapse the handlebars. Then, the user continues to push the main screw in the middle of the body and fold it.

Finally, the pedal just needs to be moved without a latch and the whole car has become neat. When folded, the entire car is shortened to only half and easily stowed in the trunk of a car or in an elevator.

Overall, the Ado A20 XE is quite easy to fold. However, it is a bit heavy because the total weight of the car is up to 20kg when the battery is installed. However, users can lift and push to enter the elevator, so moving the car to the required position after folding is not too difficult.

Engine runs well

Interestingly, the engine integrated into the rear wheel of the Ado A20 XE is quite compact and looks like it has no engine. However it is a 350 watt electric motor from Bosch. Users can adjust the maximum speed through the main screen with the limits of 15km/h – 20km/h and 25km/h.

Thanks to G-Drive 2.0 technology, the e-bike will also be able to adjust somewhat automatically in real time to different road conditions, thus providing a safer feeling when using.

Ado A20 XE is an e-bike, not an electric motorcycle, so when you use it, you will need to pedal a bit first, then the electric motor will activate itself and bring you to the maximum speed according to the instructions. selected limit on the main screen. The Ado A20 XE can easily take you over the slopes.

When reaching maximum speed, Ado A20 XE will need you to maintain a constant cadence to keep the speed, but it is powered by the engine so the feeling of pedaling is very light and almost effortless. So users will still feel like they are exercising but don’t worry about sweating because of exertion.

The Ado A20 XE also has a built-in 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearshift, so even when used without a motor to pedal like regular sports cars, the car is gentle and comfortable.

In general, the operation of Ado A20 XE is simple and very sporty. But it also has full support so you don’t get tired.

According to the manufacturer, the battery of Ado A20 XE can be used for 80 km. But that is under optimal conditions. Actual daily use shows that the bike can achieve 70km when cycling at maximum speed. With most users commuting to work from 2-5km each way and vice versa, it will probably take a whole week of use without charging. If used from full to exhausted, the car will take about 4-5 hours to recharge. However, the fact is that users should plug in the charger when the car is less than 50% to avoid long waiting.

Safety in products

The notable difference between ADO EBIKE and other e-car brands is that ADO has strong product quality control. ADO follows the original intention of “protecting everyday urban commuting”, and is the industry’s first QTL e-bike laboratory authorized by the international certification standard SGS – ADO EBIKE QTL Lab.

SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance SA) is an internationally recognized technical verification and product quality inspection agency, and the largest and most qualified certification body in the world. Among them, Chinese brands such as HUAWEI, TCL and Haier have also adopted SGS certification as the product certification standard.

As a result, products like the Ado A20 XE will be thoroughly tested for quality before being shipped, as the chassis has undergone more than 10,000 impacts and 10,000 other durability tests. The battery of the car is also tested by ADO for its ability to maintain current in different conditions such as minus 20 degrees Celsius or high above 55 degrees Celsius to ensure maximum safety for users. There are also many other product safety tests


With a selling price of 16,500,000 Ado A20 XE is really an interesting e-bike model. Its sporty, collapsible design allows users to easily fold it so it can be carried on the train or simply stowed in the trunk of a car or office.

Its powerful power-assisted motor and long-lasting battery allow it to be an easy daily commute for those who commute to work nearby. In addition, the operating mode without using electronic assistance can be a good choice to help promote health.

In Vietnam, users can register to try or buy ADO Ebike through the following channels:

ADO can achieve domestic delivery within 2-7 days if ordering at online store with full service support in Vietnam and after sales service support. ADO is committed to replacing new products free of charge to users when maintenance is not possible due to quality problems throughout the life of the product.

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