Stafi (FIS) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details about the FIS virtual currency

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2021-03-22 23:27:08

Stafi (FIS) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

StaFi is a DeFi protocol that unlocks the liquidity of staked assets. That means that brothers receive staking rewards and still bring the property to trade.

StaFi is a combined acronym of Staking + Finance. It is a decentralized protocol built with Polkadot’s Substrate. The contract class consists of many staking contracts and the application layer is mainly the transactional platform of rTokens.

What’s so special about Stafi?

More specifically about Satafi: You can stake tokens according to your PoS mechanism through StaFi and receive rToken. rToken will allow you to get the staking reward and a locked staking token transaction at the same time.

So what is rToken? rToken stands for reward Token (eg: rXTZ, rAtom, rDot,…). Its special features are as follows:

  • Concept: When you staking PoS tokens through StaFi, you receive an equivalent amount of rToken. For example: Staking Atom, you can get an rAtom. Staking XTZ receives rXTZ.
  • Characteristics: Owning rToken, you have the right to change the corresponding number of tokens and have the right to receive the staking reward. Alternatively, it is possible to trade rToken instead of staking token.
  • RToken transactions: rToken will list in Dex and Cex, trading pair like rToken / staking token will give staker a better option to liquidate their staking token.
  • Liquid staking token: You can staking tokens through the staking contract built into StaFi. All you have to do is use a tool to staking tokens, rToken can be exchanged for Dex and Cex in the near future.
  • Use rToken: It is possible to mint rToken by staking according to staking contract and rToken will be destroyed when the investor buys back the original token. Of course, you can also sell rToken on the exchange or hold rToken to receive the staking reward.

rToken is issued by staking contracts built in Substrate, original rToken is compatible with Substrate. But there will be a bridge connecting Ethereum and StaFi, rToken can be swapped to ERC20.

What is FIS token?

FIS is the native unility token of the platform, used for many purposes such as staking, exchange of value, payment of transaction fees.

Basic information

Ticker FIS
Token Standard Unility
Token type
Total Supply
Circulation supply 11,217,512 FIS

Token allocation

  • Seed Round: 5.7%
  • Private Round: 6.1%
  • Public IEO: 0.8%
  • Ecosystem Growth: 5%
  • Community Rewards: 40%
  • Foundation: 21.4%
  • Team: 15%
  • Advisors: 6%

Token issuance schedule

  • Private sale: 25% is available on listing and the rest is available daily for 8 months from 30.
  • Seed sale: Variety of private sale
  • Public IEO: 100% listed on listing
  • Foundation: Released after 6 months, then distributed daily for 12 months.
  • Ecosystem: 40% is released on listing, used only when new partners are set up to encourage rToken’s liquidity.
  • Community rewards: 10%, released on 30th. The rest are used when the staking contract is released to encourage farming.
  • Team: 10% released after 9 months. The remainder is distributed daily for 9 months.

FIS Token Sale

fis token sale

What is FIS coin used for?

  • Staking: The StaFi consensus validator requires staking FIS to join the consensus network. Additionally, the nominator wants to be motivated to ask Staking FIS for a nomination. Hence, FIS serves as a means of allowing users to enter into consensus and execute transactions on the platform.
  • Transaction Fee Payment: To ensure the security of users participating in transactions on the protocol, StaFi requires all initiators of a transaction to pay transaction fees in order to obtain computing resources.
  • On-chain Governance: Owning a FIS token allows users to enjoy certain privileges on the StaFi Network. Vote to propose or oppose, ..

On which exchange is FIS traded?

Currently, you can register for an account and buy FIS at the following exchanges:

FIS coin storage wallet

You can store it on the floor where you buy FIS or Polkawallet

Stafi Potential Assessment (FIS)

Stafi Team

  • Founder: Young Liam, has worked in traditional Internet companies for more than 8 years, and has experience in product management and development. He has been involved in staking since its inception. He is also the founder of mining pool Wetez and Wetez wallet, …

stafi team


StaFi receives support from the Web3 Foundation


  • Dexe: StaFi and Dexe have achieved a strategic partnership to provide both traders and followers a way to make even more profits from their assets.
  • Chainlink: StaFi has achieved a strategic partnership with Chainlink’s market-leading oracle solution to provide dynamic exchange rates to rTokens.
  • Bluzelle: Bluzelle will help support data for the StaFi stakiong contract. Such as commits, buybacks, transactions, as well as information mapping between rTokens & Staked tokens.
  • Oasis: Both sides seek to ease the process of importing personal data into the exchange using a data generator, based on Secure Derivatives (rToken)
  • Reef: Reef users will be able to use StaFi Staking Contracts to issue rREEF tokens for assets they have staking on the Reef platform.
  • Equilibrium: StaFi and Equilibrium have teamed up to make their network and assets more fully compatible with each other.
  • Matic: StaFi will support Matic Token in StakingDrop campaigns. This partnership will help Matic further increase the staking rate and improve the relationship among community members.


roadmap stafi

Should you invest in FIS?

Hope these reviews are useful for your investment, will update you more with the knowledge that the team can update. Thanks!

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