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2022-03-31 23:25:28

Instinct 2 has expensive upgrades to accompany users in daily life, including outstanding and unlimited battery life on the Solar version, and a personalized design with colors. impressive and multi-choice for watch size. Besides, there is an improvement of the set of health care features from Garmin such as VO2 Max measurement and Sleep Score Assessment.

Mr. Ivan Lai – Garmin Regional Director said: “The Instinct 2 Series is a product line with bold innovation, helping users stand out from the crowd and enjoy every great moment of every day. . This is a product line that promises to satisfy users when introducing personality colors combined with leading technology features developed by Garmin. Thereby making the Instinct 2 Series not only a smart watch product, but more than that, it will become a reliable technology device for users to challenge the limits of life.”

Unique design, super impressive durability

The new generation Instinct 2 Series is launched with a variety of colors, a slimmer design and offers users two size options: the Instinct 2 version has a 45mm face and the more compact Instinct 2S is only 40mm, offering feel more comfortable for female users with small wrists. Instinct 2 Series also owns screen technology with higher resolution and sharper than the previous generation, with scratch-resistant tempered glass ready to accompany users to conquer all challenges. In particular, inheriting the durable nature of the previous Instinct and Instinct Solar product lines, the new generation Instinct 2 Series continues to be manufactured according to military standard 810, with shock resistance while operating in hot temperatures. altitude and frost with an impressive 10ATM water resistance rating.

Not only stopping at traditional colors, Instinct 2 Series introduces a series of eye-catching color options such as: Lemon Yellow, Orange and Turquoise. Also launched specialized versions such as Surf, Tactical and Camo for the Instinct 2 Solar and Instinct 2 (Non-solar) product lines.

Durable battery life accompanies users all day long

The new generation Instinct 2 Series possesses superior battery life compared to popular smartwatches. Specifically, the battery life of the Instinct 2 series is up to four weeks of continuous use when in smart watch mode, especially for Instinct 2 Solar versions that are integrated with advanced Power Solar solar technology. By Garmin, battery life can also be extended to unlimited when in battery saver mode and receives solar energy at the right time and intensity, marking a new standard for battery life. battery usage of Garmin smartwatches.

Monitor your health all day long

More than just impressive looks, the Instinct 2 Series offers Garmin’s complete collection of health features to accompany users in a healthy, happy lifestyle every day. With the arrival of Sleep Score, a feature that scores sleep and gives advice and comments to users to improve recovery after a tiring day, and built-in fitness tracking like Body Battery ™, stress level, heart rate, breathing rate, SpO2,… extremely intuitive and easy to track.

Enjoy playing outdoor & indoor sports

The Instinct 2 Series watches are packed with sports apps and activities ready to go with the user’s passion for sports, such as the innovative Multi-Sport feature that offers flexibility when switching between sports. different activities while continuing to track their total time and distance. Instinct 2 Series offers more than 30 indoor and outdoor sports options with GPS such as: climbing, cardio, endurance, yoga, running, golf, … for users to freely choose. Even during sports, in case of emergency, the Instinct 2 Series’ Incident Detection feature will automatically recognize and send notifications to loved ones. When the Instinct 2 is connected to the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app and an issue is detected, Garmin Connect Mobile sends a message including the user’s name and location information (if applicable) to their emergency recipients. 2

Besides, the physical indicators are also equipped on the Instinct 2 Series such as: VO2 Max, Physical Age, Training Status, Recovery Time, HIIT Exercises will bring excitement to those used to love practicing sports.

Optional versions for special purposes

With the Instinct 2 Series, users can take their passions to the next level in three versions, with dedicated features for a specific use:

  • Surf version: For specialized water sports activities such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, along with a tide tracking widget, providing the latest updates on sea conditions to users. In addition, users can monitor their activities and review them through Surfline Sessions™ compatibility. Surf versions launched with the Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S series (solar and non-solar)
  • Tactical Edition: Instinct 2 Solar – Tactical Edition is a popular choice for military audiences, with additional specialized tactical features such as Kill Switch, Stealth Mode, Abilities compatible with night vision goggles, Dual Position Coordinates and Jumpmaster Active modes. The version has two color options, Coyote Tan or Black.
  • Camo Edition: Graphite and Mist Camo textures give users the ability to blend in or stand out depending on their location, such as a high-rise area or in a jungle.

Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S are Garmin’s generation of stylish GPS smart watches with a personality with a suggested retail price of VND 8,690,000 and are now available on; and will be officially opened for sale from March 25, 2022 at two Garmin brand stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, e-commerce platforms as well as retailers of Garmin nationwide. To learn more, visit


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