‘Standing’ in front of iPhone 7 Plus for sale for only 2.5 million, ‘cheap’ like the new Nokia C30

‘Standing’ in front of iPhone 7 Plus for sale for only 2.5 million, ‘cheap’ like the new Nokia C30

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2022-06-04 21:52:40

Referring to the online shopping platform in June 2022, users easily came across posts for sale iPhone 7 Plus at surprisingly cheap prices. Launched in September 2016, which is more than 5 years old, but currently, iPhone 7 Plus is still sought by many users because of its extremely cheap price but still supported by Apple software.

Accordingly, users can currently buy iPhone 7 Plus for only 2.5 million VND. According to the description, this is iPhone 7 Plus Lock (network lock) but can be used normally with paired SIM. The whole machine is advertised as a full-pressure zin machine, never changed the screen or main.

With a price of only 2.5 million, these iPhone 7 Plus are as cheap as the new Nokia C30 on the market today but possess more advantages.

The iPhone 7 Plus was announced on September 16, 2016 alongside the smaller iPhone 7. In particular, the iPhone 7 Plus caused a fever because it was the first Apple smartphone with a dual camera with the ability to take extremely attractive portrait photos to remove fonts.

iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. Compared to many smartphones these days screens larger than 6 inches are common, this size is not that large. However, this is still a high-quality screen with Retina IPS LCD technology, a maximum brightness of 625 nits, a pixel density of 401 ppi much higher than cheap smartphones like the current Nokia G10 (only 269 ppi). This helps the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus remain very sharp.

In terms of hardware, inside, iPhone 7 Plus uses Apple A10 Fusion chip (16 nm) which is quite outdated, although according to many reviews, iPhone 7 Plus works quite smoothly with the latest iOS 15 and can still download some files. popular games. However, with very heavy games like PUBG, the device still crashes the application.

iPhone 7 Plus uses a 2900 mAh Li-Ion battery, if 100% of this capacity is left, more than enough for all-day use. However, with Lock models, the remaining maximum battery life is probably not much. So its battery capacity will not be “buffalo”.

With the above, iPhone 7 Plus Lock is much cheaper than Nokia G10 but slightly better in terms of screen, ability to take pictures. However, because it is a locked machine, there is still a risk when using it, and especially the internal hardware of the iPhone 7 Plus is not compatible with many heavy mobile games today.

So if buying, users need to consider carefully and fully check common features such as making calls, accessing the network, the operation of the touch screen and especially the camera.

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