Starting to focus on blockchain, Google is ambitious to compete with Facebook, Twitter

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2022-01-24 13:38:08

Recently, Google officially appointed an executive for a new project focusing on data management and blockchain. Thus, finally, after a period of stealthily participating in blockchain projects, the technology giant Google also began to focus on the industry.

Accordingly, the Alphabet subsidiary began conducting research and participating in “blockchain, other next-generation distributed computing and data storage technologies”. In particular, Google has also appointed a separate executive to focus on developing this project.

Google focuses on Blockchain

Currently, Alphabet’s Vice President of Engineering, Shivakumar Venkataraman as Labs founder, will lead the unit. It is known that Labs is an incubator created by Google to test new projects dedicated to virtual and augmented reality.

This information is posted on his personal LinkedIn page, Venkataraman, who has worked at Google for more than 18 years, has more than 25 years as a software engineer for companies like IBM as well as more than 10 years in advertising for the giant. technology giant.

In addition, former PayPal head Arnold Goldberg was hired by Google to take on the position of Google’s head of payments. The move is a strategic move to link up with a wide range of financial services including cryptocurrencies.

As can be seen, the tech giant seems to want to catch up with Facebook’s efforts in the metaverse, as well as Twitter’s investment in crypto infrastructure after years of reticence when it comes to participating in industry projects. this.

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