STEPN cooperates with BAYC to introduce Realm 3 on Ethereum

STEPN cooperates with BAYC to introduce Realm 3 on Ethereum

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2022-07-10 06:28:40

Yesterday (July 7), the popular Move-to-Earn application StepN announced several new updates, including an expansion to the third blockchain, Ethereum.

STEPN continues to transform with Realm 3 on Ethereum

In the past, StepN has owned 2 Realm features that provide a cross-cultural experience on two blockchains, namely: Solana and BNB Chain.

* Realm form allows users not to run solo to earn GST anymore, but can run in the same REALMS domain – according to the server division in the community. Understand as simple as if you are in Vietnam and have a friend living in the US and the Realm feature helps the two of you run together.

And the recent version of Realm 3 was released on 7/7 on Ethereum, with the name APE Realm.

APE Realm will offer the ability to incorporate new communities as well as elements of exclusive brands to enhance future usability, with a focus on inclusivity. StepN further shared that this action is part of their mission: to develop a bridge connecting Web2 and Web3 with the goal of expanding to 100 million Web3 users.

In particular, Realm 3 or APE Realm will provide the opportunity to freemint (mint free) APE Sneaker shoes for the community to own. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Currently BAYC is the market leading NFT collection, receiving the attention of countless celebrities around the world. Most recently, BAYC appeared on Eminem and Snoop Dogg’s MV.

BAYC owners get a free mint of STEPN NFT sneakers when using Realm 3
BAYC owners get a free mint of STEPN NFT sneakers when using Realm 3

In addition, the revenue from Realm 3 will be partly deducted to support the old Realms and the community at 2 blockchains Solana and BNB Chain still receive many benefits, such as:

  • New game formats are compatible with all chains;
  • Upcoming partnerships will be available on the old Realm, such as famous clubs, social network partners, etc.;
  • NFTs created by these partners are open to all users.

Besides, the project also confirmed that it will continue to develop the DEX DOOAR exchange to other blockchains, besides Solana. Although it just started operating on June 10, on July 1, DEX DOOAR surpassed Orca to become the decentralized exchange with the largest user volume on Solana with a gap of nearly 6000 accounts. The future intention of the project is to integrate cross-chain features for users to use more conveniently. The ultimate goal is to make DOOAR a super-platform, serving all swap features in the STEPN ecosystem.

Shortly after, the FTX exchange of “market rescue hero” Sam Bankman-Fried also announced support for the STEPN token on Ethereum, GMT ERC-20.

As of press time, GMT price has increased slightly by about 4% over the past 24 hours, currently trading around $0.99.

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