Still 150k still hunting for sale 3 items of shoes, wallet and belt, received the goods and was even more surprised because every item was ok

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2021-06-09 10:59:47

The hunt for online market sale has not been hot when there are more and more “terrible” deals, cheaper products are getting cheaper.

Typically, the 3 items we hunt for sale below, the total price is just over 100k, adding the shipping fee is only about 150k, but when I received the goods, I was a bit shocked because I didn’t think it was so “genuine”.

Leather wallet 9k

Leather wallets costing millions are normal, but only a few tens of thousands are also available online, especially in shops selling directly from China. The one that we buy normally costs 25k, which is already too cheap, plus the sale price is only 9k. When ordering, do not expect anything, sometimes receiving torn, used goods is not strange.

At a glance, this wallet is quite good, the skin is a bit thin and there is a high chance that it will break quickly but completely usable.

But the real thing turned out to be quite beautiful. The leather is soft, with a slight fragrance, like real leather and especially important, there is no imitation of any brand or logo. However, there is a high chance that it will explode, scratch and tear if used for a while. “Durable in people”, but at such a low price, it is possible to keep a glass cabinet for a long time.

There are just enough compartments for money and cards, the inside is quite well crafted, there is a smooth velvet coating in the main compartment.

The stitches are quite straight and even. Inside the wallet are 3 card slots, 1 photo compartment and 2 money compartments. In general, because I didn’t expect anything, I was so surprised when I held it in my hand.

Leather wallet 9k

Leather belt 25k

This dish is normally priced at 69k which is already very cheap. My first impression is that the belt is very thick and solid. The leather strap is a bit hard but well made, each crime has a lot of chemical smell.

The belt is thick, the details are accurate, but the metal surface has been scratched quite a lot even though it has not been used yet.

Like the wallet above, this belt is not printed or engraved with any fake brand logos. The back of the belt is only painted in glossy black (but just bought it and saw a lot of scratches). Using this dish is completely normal, no problem at all.

The belt uses a joint to secure it, not a hole. This type is easier to use, but it can be used for a long time and can slip.

Leather belt 25k

Pettino Shoes 89k

This is the item we are most excited to buy. The normal price is about 120k but in the last sale it was only 89k. The stall selling these shoes is also under Shopee Mall, which means that it has been certified as genuine, not floating of unknown origin.

With a price of only 89k, this is too good a processing.

Although the product information clearly states that the brand is PETTINO of Vietnam, there is no logo or word on the shoes to represent the brand. The material of the shoes is probably very cheap. Just pick it up and everyone can see it.

Still 150k still hunting for sale 3 items of shoes, wallet and belt, received the goods and was even more surprised because every item was stable - Photo 8.

The sole is quite nice, but when walking, it feels too hard and does not hug the soles of the feet.

The good thing is that the quality of the outside processing is very stable compared to the price. Precise, error-free sewing details, standard molded rubber sole, precise glue, almost no excess plastic.

Still 150k still hunting for sale 3 items of shoes, wallet and belt, received the goods and was even more surprised because every item was stable - Photo 9.

The cushion is too thin, not enough to create a comfortable feeling, if you walk for a long time, your feet will hurt faster than normal shoes.

However, the feeling of walking on the foot is quite boring because the sole is hard, flat, not hugging the soles of the feet. The shoe lining is thin, not elastic enough, so there is a high chance that you will feel tired when walking for a long time. The biggest minus point is that the fabric is all plastic, only a few hours away, it was very mysterious. If you have sweaty feet, you will definitely smell it from the first time you use it.

PETTINO shoes 89k

In general, I think these 3 items are all worth the price, but for long-term use, you should not buy at all. The belt I will use if needed, the wallet will probably be left in the corner, and the shoes will be left at the office to go temporarily when it rains. If you want to try, you can buy these 3 items using the link below:

[Box thông tin shop] – CHK box hunting sale 150k

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