[STO Review] What is LXDX? Why do big funds invest in LXDX?

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2021-03-27 23:32:24

Overview of LXDX and development direction in 2019

Cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency today is no longer a strange thing for many people. Regardless of the fact that many governments, banks, and financial institutions have not or have not recognized the newly created currency based on the application of blockchain technology, this currency is still considered to play an important role today. with the development of the financial market. More and more blockchain companies, cryptocurrency exchanges are born. LXDX is one of them.

What is LXDX

So what is LXDX?

LXDX is a high-speed cryptocurrency trading platform built in C ++ optimized, the architecture is hosted on the platform’s own hardware in a primary data center such as FR5. LXDX techniques and policies are all reviewed and advised by experts in the cryptocurrency market. It can be said that LXDX is the product of a group of experts with many years of technical and crypto market experience, with the help of the Asia Venture Capital Fund – Dymon Asia Venture Capital Fund. commitments to the quality of financial exchanges for cryptocurrencies. LXDX is expanding day by day.

Dymon Asia Venture Capital Fund invests in LXDX

Special features in the LXDX trading platform

LXDX helps bridge the gap between market makers and retailers and investment traders. To facilitate the clients to execute transactions, LXDX supports web, FIX, REST based on the input requests of all clients, providing a binary protocol available to traders – but people . This makes the exchange fast, secure, fair, transparent, and accessible to anyone.

LXDX allows operators to give users the opportunity to tighten bids, place orders available anywhere in the crypto ecosystem, place orders comfortably with a variety of order sizes but at a good price. than.

LXDX has a strong platform for securing user transactions and identifying personal information with multiple layers of protection before account information can be accessed. As Steven Thomas mentioned, LXDX performs information distribution with the same structure as intelligence agencies.

When it comes to performance metrics that outperform other crypto exchanges, LXDX focuses all efforts on data security and safety with failover mechanisms, security keys, and security. storage and recovery protocols.

If commercial conglomerate companies exclusively use automated trading platforms, LXDX uses a similar software for cryptocurrency trading and all users are granted access. instead of using exclusively as commercial companies. So the transaction price on LXDX is also better. Operators using LXDX’s platform are responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses and registrations with their respective jurisdictions for users.

LXDX has high security, strict regulations, but faster transactions, better prices, that is the reason for many people to choose.

What are LXDX’s vision and development goals in the future?

LXDX is built with the desire to give investors more of what they deserve, a virtual currency trading platform they trust to invest money and time in. their. Investors, big or small, are worthy to experience a market with high reliability, performance and professionalism.

Crypto markets, in general, are not built on the same standards as regular markets. LXDX aims to create the most favorable conditions not only for investors entering the market but also for everyday users.

The LXDX founders are working hard to make a market on existing cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange should be better than the original duties it was originally supposed to be.

Building LXDX with the aim of bringing the best features from the traditional market through the crypto market, creating a platform worth using, transactions are conducted on the platform’s own hardware, not on its own. cloud computing technology, which radically improves performance and security compared to other exchanges. The platform is built to facilitate trading of large amounts of assets.

At the same time, the goal of LXDX is also to drastically reduce the actual costs of transactions in the coming year for both large and small traders. LXDX wants to see 50,000 products trading on its platform over the next three years and 1 million products in five years.

LXDX’s first Security Token Offering

LXDX has announced the issuance of crypto shares via a security token offering (STO) and became one of the first companies to issue shares through a security token, allowing investors Investing in buying a security code to trade ownership, similar to implementation for traditional stocks.

STOs can actually be seen as a form of capital mobilization (ICO). Most ICOs in the crypto market are like issuing utility tokens that function much like service coupons or gift cards. But for regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, it sees it as an investment contract. In it the investor decides to buy them on the speculation that in the future, the value of the contract will increase.

ICO is classified as a security token so many companies do an ICO based on securities regulations and register it as a security security token.

According to LXDX’s plan, its STO will represent direct ownership in transactions and guarantee dividend benefits. LXDX is expected to issue 5 million tokens representing a 10% equity stake on the exchange and allow token holders to account for 10% of total quarterly adjusted revenue based on exchange rates. Each token will be priced at 1 euro, the total value for this issuance is about 57 million dollars, and this will be the only STO issuance that LXDX will be implementing in the near future.

LXDX STOs are selected to issue based on the legal framework of Malta, but investors when making an investment will have to comply with the investment regulations of the government where they live.

As there are restrictions on the regulation of securities trading from governments, these stocks cannot be traded freely. However, LXDX hopes to create the most favorable conditions for the transactions of investors participating in the upcoming STO, implement the contract and list the code on the secondary market in six months.

Transactions will start registering for clients in mid-November before the launch of the exchange in December in order to increase the number of investors and diversify the crypto space.

LXDX will also offer derivative securities for cryptocurrencies. And LXDX will operate with the most transparency to avoid accusations of market manipulation, money laundering, … without losing the order inherent in the crypto market, without causing any loss to society, to attach importance to serious attitude in market transactions.

Development Roadmap of LXDX

+ As information published on the official website of LXDX, this virtual currency exchange officially launched in Q1 2018.

+ Until Q2 2018, the last alpha code on the platform has been built and an advisory board for the exchange is established.

+ Q3 2018: Introduce trial to customers and launch services

+ Q4 2018: launch of LXDX exchange in Malta with option transactions, release of products on historical market data, launch of low latency market feed.

+ Q1 2019: Launch of LXDX’s full architecture, start dark pool trading (large volume in the dark) in Singapore, mobile trading market.

+ Q2 2019: launch of the US retail market (with exchange partners), smart routers at 40 locations, as well as unsupervised smart routing

+ Quarter 3.2019: Launch of loan market, fixed products

Accompanying LXDX’s development in the coming time is a group of investors, including Asia Venture Capital Fund. The participation of the Venture Capital Fund has helped LXDX to broaden its scope of activities as well as enhance service quality. The Fund’s participation in LXDX makes the development team feel more confident, bringing more opportunities for LXDX.

Development Team Of LXDX

The founders of LXDX are experts with many years of experience in financial markets throughout Asia, Europe and America. Therefore, they understand that in today’s competitive market, both technically and practically, there are so many things that need to be learned and grasped regularly to satisfy the market. Through their experience, the founders have built products with high performance and reliability.

In the list of founders LXDX can include names such as:

Joshua Greenwald

Josh worked at SpaceX involved in automation and propulsion. He also led an equity group at DRW before conducting Asian research and transactions in the Korean stock market.

William Roman

Will has spent fifteen years building digital product companies, consulting Silicon Valley startups on user experience and customer development. Wil was recently involved in building the Solutions team at Parsable, where he also served as the UX Manager for a Google Ventures project.

Steven Thomas

Steven was recently known as the performance engineering lead at Tower Research Capital. He works alongside John and Josh at GLT, leading the most innovative projects at GLT. Before that, Steven also spent a decade working on information security, developing hardware solutions for high-performance encryption.

John Hazen

John has over twelve years of experience building cash trading operations, stock option products, fixed income, FX and commodities on more than 30 exchanges worldwide. He wrote and headed DRW’s successful low-latency market development team featured in Michael Lewis’s book Flash Boys. John is also the co-founder of GLT Trading with Josh.

The LXDX Team
The LXDX Team

The LXDX Team
The LXDX Team

The LXDX Team
The LXDX Team

List of Investment Funds and Parner of LXDX, they are very experienced and knowledgeable in the financial sector.

For more information about LXDX, please visit the following addresses:

The cryptocurrency market will continue to grow and expand in the future. Cryptocurrency will be a new asset class. The introduction and expansion of LXDX continues to be a testament to a million-token future coming closer in the financial markets and in our lives.

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