Stop pouring money to buy iPhone and milk tea, buy stocks!  This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity

Stop pouring money to buy iPhone and milk tea, buy stocks! This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity

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2023-02-15 15:58:41

In the investment industry, especially when it comes to money management, most of us have to go in a slightly different direction to make money, but going with the trend will be difficult to make money. This is the first theory“, Mr. Quan Duc Hoang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of A+ Fund Company shared at the Seminar “Identifying 2023: New investment opportunities in a new environment” organized by Investment Newspaper.

Starting his career in 1989 in the New York market, as an analyst for a fund, Mr. Hoang then moved to large banks, holding the positions of CEO and general director.

Recalling the time 28 years ago when he returned to Vietnam, at first he could not speak Vietnamese, Mr. Hoang said “Never felt the opportunity in Vietnam as great as now“.

This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity. It resets, revalues ​​the whole company at an average P/E of 10 in the market, many P/E companies are below 5 – 6. I don’t believe I can find any more opportunities, at least. in my life, if I live another 20 years…”, Mr. Hoang said.

Starting as a math expert and an analyst, Mr. Hoang expressed his opinion that 300 trillion bonds due to come due in 2023 (according to data from the Vietnam Bond Market Association – VBMA) do not have a high impact. up the market. Although this is a very large number, it is very small compared to the bank debt market at 100 billion USD and not equal to 1/10 of the amount of bank deposits (Mr. Hoang said it is currently at 4 million billion VND). .

Regarding the exchange rate, the Chairman of A+ Fund also said that there is only short-term impact.

Mr. Hoang also gave two other stories to strengthen confidence in the Vietnamese market. First, A+ Fund has just conducted investor surveys in a number of countries and territories in the UK, Germany, Taiwan, the US… During a trip to 8 cities, all the funds he met were optimistic. and expressed his desire to invest in the Vietnamese market.

Another indicator Mr. Hoang gave is the current level of inflation, which is essentially due to the influence of weak supply, the impact from the supply chain, which China’s zero covid policy has largely impacted.

The difficulty of analysis is that it is possible to analyze all the numbers, but it is not possible to measure investor sentiment. Investor sentiment can change at any time. Currently, I think that index in Vietnam is very low“.

The new sentiment is the correcting part of the market. As for the base, Vietnamese businesses are doing very well. The Chinese side has abandoned the zero covid policy”, said Mr. Hoang.

Responding to Investment Newspaper, the Chairman of A+ Fund also stated:A huge mistake in the current Vietnamese market is that the financial investment education for investors is still weak, so they underestimate personal investment. I have taught many classes on investing and I always tell young people to stop pouring money into buying Iphone and milk tea, instead buy stocks of assets starting today.“.

In investing, tough markets create superheroes. The people who got rich from the stock market all appeared in times of crisis. Rarely do we make money when the market is up“.

My friend on social media is now named ‘Quat Manh In’. I think my nickname was Hoang D Quan before, but now I will change my name to ‘Hoang Di Mua’. Expectations in this market are really too big“, the Chairman of A+ Private Investment Fund joked.

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