Stt drop hearing with fruit, extremely ‘sticky’ and interesting fruit

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2021-05-21 03:49:23

Here are some interesting stories, sentences, confessions from very interesting and interesting fruits and fruits such as mangoes, strawberries, tangerines… just drop it and it will make your crush “lose your heart” “Please refer.

This is a set of fruity photos of a girl in Ho Chi Minh City when she secretly loves a guy but doesn’t dare to say it.

  • Listening with strawberry: I don’t love you.
  • Drop hearing with bitter gourd: I’m too miserable because of you.

  • Drop hearing with cassava roots: I’m so lucky to love you.
  • Listening with carrots: I want to lock you in my heart.
  • Listening with Custard apple: I want to be pregnant with you.
  • Drop hearing with a melon: You have already stolen my heart.
  • Listening with papaya fruit: Do you want to sleep with me.
  • Drop hearing with pineapple: I want to smell your rosy cheeks.
  • Drop hearing with pineapple: I promise to be with you.
  • Listening with tamarind: I want to hear your voice, okay?
  • Listen with a longan: I will manage you.
  • Drop hearing with persimmons: I’ll be your husband by now.
  • Flirting with kumquats: Do you want to whip me?
  • Drop hearing with a tangerine: I almost forgot you.
  • Listening with a watermelon: Do you hide my heart?
  • Listening with durian fruit 1: I want you to be my own.
  • Listening with mango: Why do I miss you forever?
  • Listening with Bananas: I look at you passionately
  • Drop hearing with jackfruit: You fit my heart.
  • Listening with rambutan fruit: Did you steal my heart?
  • Listening with tamarind: I want to hear your voice, okay?
  • Drop hearing with Bon Bon: Will your child have the British surname?
  • Listening with Bananas: I look at you passionately
  • Listening with grapes: Come here, I whisper to you.
  • Drop hearing with an orange: I want to be your wife.
  • Falling in love with avocado: Why are you so indifferent to me?
  • Flirting with Cherry: Do you want to “mi” Me?
  • Drop hearing with durian 2:

You go to find, I hide, I hide, you don’t find
But as long as there’s a smell of durian… you’ll automatically come out, FUCKING OUT

  • Listening with plums: Do you want to get in trouble for me?


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