Stt dropped hearing in April, stt dropped hearing 1/4

Stt dropped hearing in April, stt dropped hearing 1/4


2021-03-28 01:48:57

1/4 international scam, admin is not treacherous, so also prepare to listen for you to drop here. April Fools is a festival of lies that originated in the West, but particularly in France.

On this day, many people often show deception, deceive others in order to entertain themselves and others without being subjected to any criticism or harm.

In Vietnam, on this day people are also trying to show lies, lie to people with many different topics to tease and create a humorous atmosphere for everyone.

Including the item stt drop hearing, April hearing most people will know those are lies but still drop. It is okay for the person to be honest or pretend to be sticky, as long as they agree to be sticky. To prepare for hearing, you have to prepare for hearing, admin already prepared for you below.

April fish hearing, April 1 hearing drop, April fools confession

  • April Fools, I go to listen, I do not believe to bring the ceremony to your house
  • April fishes bring hearing to drop, hope you stick “bait” so that we can go home together
  • April fools confess their love, they say acting, this gentleman who knows where to deceive love.
  • April Fools International Day scam, you are not perfect but do not pretend to be fake deer to deceive you.
  • April Fool’s Day I am busy going to listen, and there is no time to cheat.
  • I am still alone in April, so I tricked into love because I wanted to have a couple
  • April fools are full of lies, my lips are busy kissing you and I have no free time to joke.
  • April fools are full of lies, my petrified heart will also make room for you.
  • April Fools, I go to listen, people tell me to cheat
  • If you love me, don’t lie, you even know the way to enter my heart
  • I pretend to be flirting, you are faking fool I’m really sticky, we both share a bed.
  • Thousands of real words did not make him nod, one word in return made him flutter
  • I honestly do not know how to lie, and if I refuse, I will become your “dinner”
  • You can act or not really role, so try to be a future husband for me to be the audience
  • People say that 1/4 flirting is all lies, so you too much do not fall for me
  • I am not absolutely faithful, but also do not know to deceive anyone’s heart
  • I said it was the right thing to say, but until now I don’t know what love is
  • Tricking my love is not equal to anyone, but in the end, no one is better than me
  • Love me, don’t deny, don’t deceive yourself, dear
  • I love you, do not deny, my mother said lying is not good
  • Lie to punish him for a minute, honestly give him a shot

Not only with the above listening sentences to trick love, you can post photos of April fish on Facebook or share them with friends via Zalo messages, Instagram … or other messaging apps.

You can completely change from calling you to me on this list on this 1/4 drop list to release it to your girlfriend.

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