Stunned by the iPhone series with the most discounts in September 2022, many devices are unbelievably low

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2022-09-18 18:09:45

The newly launched iPhone 14 has an extremely high selling price. Even so, if you’re not too keen on new models, the slightly lower iPhones are being sold at incredibly low prices thanks to massive discounts.

iPhone 12 – 128GB: 9.4 million dong off

  • Reference price: 17,590,000 VND

iPhone 12 is the most basic iPhone. If you don’t need features like the new, more powerful A15 chip, video recording to remove fonts or the smaller notch of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 is still the most affordable choice in terms of price and features. It is not inferior to the iPhone 13 too much but is a complete difference from the iPhone 12, especially in terms of display because the iPhone 12 has a high-end OLED screen.

iPhone 12 Pro 512 GB: 8.5 million dong off

  • Reference price: 27,400,000 VND

The highest capacity version of iPhone 12 Pro continues to record a 3rd consecutive month of price reduction. With the current list price of VND 27,400,000, this is currently the most expensive high-end iPhone.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are still the leading powerful smartphones in the market with the A14 Bionic chip not inferior to the A15 Bionic on the iPhone 13 Pro Max too much. The device comes with an extremely excellent OLED screen compared to the entire market and is only inferior to the iPhone 13 Pro Max without the 120Hz refresh rate.

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iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB: 6 million VND off

  • Reference price: 34,999,000 VND

The second deep iPhone price reduction this February belongs to the 512GB iPhone 13 Pro, although it is still the most powerful smartphone today. This may be because this version of the iPhone 13 Pro is more expensive than both the 256GB and 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Moreover, 512GB capacity is too large and less popular. According to the majority, users often prefer to choose the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 or 256GB as the most advanced version rather than the super-large capacity 13 Pro.

In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro is as powerful as the Pro Max but has a 6.1-inch screen while the Pro Max is 6.8-inch. In addition, the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro is also slightly lower than the Pro Max version.

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iPhone 11 128 GB: 5.6 million dong off

  • Reference price: 12,990,000 VND

iPhone 11 is currently Apple’s cheapest iPhone with features closest to the newly launched iPhone 13.

iPhone 11 carries the world’s most powerful A13 Bionic chip at the time of launch. Now, even though it has been more than 2 years, the A13 Bionic is still the leading processor chip on mobile devices. Even the new Gen 9 iPad is still powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip.

When buying iPhone 11, users will have to accept that it still uses a 6.1-inch LCD screen like the iPhone XR. But if you are not too strict, or have never used an OLED phone, choosing the iPhone 11 could be the cheapest and most delicious in April 2022.

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iPhone 13 512GB: 4 million VND off

  • Reference price: 29,990,000 VND

After the newly launched heating period, the iPhone 13 has now cooled down. In which, the 512GB version recorded a decrease of up to 4 million VND in February 2022. This reduction has added 2 million VND compared to January.

iPhone 13 is the most basic model of the iPhone 13 family. It possesses a more compact configuration compared to the Pro versions but still ensures many new features such as the A15 Bionic chip, OLED screen and camera capable of shooting. stronger. Of course, iPhone 13 users will also have one less lens than the Pro version. In return, the diagonal camera design of the iPhone 13 is considered innovative and has different characteristics compared to the iPhone 12.

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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB: 4 million VND off

  • Reference price: 14,990,000 VND

Entering February 2022, the current iPhone 12 mini is priced at VND 14.99 million, down to VND 4 million compared to when it was first launched, this also helps it become the latest iPhone that costs less than 15 million and can be classified in the group. Cheap iPhones. iPhone 12 Mini has a series of high-end features such as OLED screen, extremely powerful A14 Bionic 5NM chip and the most powerful video and photography capabilities.

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