Subaru Announces New Year Offers for Excellent, Safe SUV with Over 100 Safety Features

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2022-01-07 22:29:16

100+ safety features to protect your family – 100% Support* so you don’t have to worry about upfront costs

With Subaru, your safety is always a top priority. That’s why Subaru has continuously developed and tested innovative safety technologies for more than 50 years. With good collision protection and a renowned set of core technologies that make passengers safer on the road, whether it’s just a daily trip or a journey of discovery, the Subaru Forester Developed to keep you and your loved ones safe on every journey.

As the Excellent SUV model of the Subaru brand, the Forester possesses the full suite of Subaru’s four core technologies, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) for outstanding traction and controllability, dynamics and dynamics. Boxer engine, Subaru Global Platform (SGP) and EyeSight – award-winning advanced driver-assist safety technology that has reduced the risk of an traumatic crash by 85% – is a key component of more than 100 excellent safety features designed to enhance protection for every occupant.

In addition, Subaru Forester also possesses the highest ground clearance of 220mm in the segment and a spacious cabin design to become a great family car to meet the need of “going anywhere to do everything you want”. of all customers.

With the current promotion that supports 100% of the Registration Fee, customers can own the Forester 2.0 iL model for only VND 899 million.

and the Forester 2.0 iS EyeSigh model for only 1,124 billion VND(**) thanks to the support of 100% of the registration fee, 100% of the cost of registering a new number plate and 100% of the maintenance cost in the first year. to drive and experience the SUV yourself – outstanding in all-terrain performance, spacious and comfortable interior space and over 100 safety features!

Not only that, customers will also receive many other attractive incentives when buying a Subaru Forester from now until the end of February 7, 2022. Details of special prices and offers* for each vehicle version are as follows:

Vehicle Version

Special gift

(Not redeemable for cash)

Original retail price

(including 10% VAT)

(million dong)

Special retail price in January 2022

(including 10% VAT)

(million dong)

Discount rate**

(million dong)

Forester 2.0 iL

New generation multimedia display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity




Forester 2.0 iS


New generation multimedia display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity

Automatic mirror folding

Automatic door lock with smart security alarm

1 year maintenance (or 20,000 KM whichever comes first)




There are conditions attached. The number of offers is limited and the program may end before the deadline without notice.

(**) The discount rate of 100% Registration fee and license plate registration fee has been converted into cash and deducted directly from the original retail price

“Enjoy 100% fun with Kansha offer” for customers who already own Subaru vehicles

All current Subaru customers nationwide will receive special offers from the Kansha program to care for and maintain their vehicle at authorized Subaru service centers. The Kansha Festival is an after-sales activity inspired by Japan’s Kinro Kansha no Hi, also known as Labor Thanksgiving Day. The Kansha Festival is a traditional annual event for Subaru to express its gratitude to customers for the brand’s support in Asian markets.

Details of incentives for products and after-sales services at Subaru service centers are as follows:


Offer details*


Free vehicle inspection for 25 items

Free car wash

50% discount on car cabin disinfection service


15% discount for:

Motul engine oil

Oil filters

Engine air filter

Air-conditioner air filter

Fluid (gearbox oil, visai oil, oil, brake fluid, coolant)

Engine cleaning kit (3 in 1 and 2 in 1).

Air conditioner cleaning products (Klima Fresh and Aircon cleaner foam)

Accessories & Souvenirs

Up to 30% off for:

Electric trunk

Door lock and fold similarly; automatic trunk lock

Rain cover

Luggage compartment

STI . Accessories

Other products

Terms and Conditions apply


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