Successfully installed Windows 11 on Lumia 950XL smartphone

Successfully installed Windows 11 on Lumia 950XL smartphone

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2021-06-18 07:57:42

There are things that are no longer popular but will never die and Microsoft Lumia 950XL is one of them. Just a day after the Windows 11 ISO installation file was leaked, a developer successfully installed Microsoft’s upcoming operating system on the Lumia 950XL.

This developer is no stranger to the community of people who like to “play around”. He is Gustave Monce, who has successfully installed Windows 10 and Windows 10X on a Lumia 950XL.

Monce shared a photo of Windows 11 running fine on his Lumia 950XL. He has successfully installed it on a 6-year-old Microsoft smartphone while many people are still struggling to know how to install Windows 11 on their computer.

Lumia 950XL was released by Microsoft in 2015 with high-end specifications and runs Windows 10 Mobile operating system. The highlight of this smartphone is also in the camera with 20MP sensor, Zeiss lens and 2K resolution screen.

However, due to the poor application ecosystem, Lumia 950XL as well as other Lumia lines of Microsoft are not interested by consumers. Sales of Lumia smartphones gradually declined until Microsoft decided to discontinue the business in 2019 and the Windows 10 Mobile operating system was also discontinued.

Meanwhile, Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. The software giant has scheduled the launch of Windows 11 on June 24. Windows 11 gets a major overhaul in terms of interface compared to Windows 10 and could be Microsoft’s next move in the direction of Windows becoming a service instead of a mere operating system.

If you are interested in Windows 11 you can download and install the trial version according to the instructions here:


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