Successfully installed Windows 11 on Xiaomi phone

Successfully installed Windows 11 on Xiaomi phone

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2021-07-03 23:50:50

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the first beta of Windows 11 through the Dev Channel. The latest version of Windows 11 Insider Preview is Build 22000.51, allowing users to test out the features that are coming to the final version.

Windows 11 installed on Lumia 950 XL

In addition to x64, Microsoft also allows the ARM version of Windows 11 to be downloaded, and some developers have tried to install this operating system on the Lumia 950 XL – the last smartphone released by Microsoft in 2015, running the processor. Snapdragon 810 and has 3GB of RAM.

However, Lumia 950 XL is not the only smartphone that can install Windows 11. Some other people say they have also successfully installed Windows 11 Preview on Xiaomi Mi 8, although it does not support full functionality. of the touch screen and the USB port.

Successfully installed Windows 11 on Xiaomi phones - Photo 2.

Xiaomi Mi 8 can completely run Windows 11

Microsoft has now abandoned the Lumia line of phones, but many users are still using and tinkering to bring the new operating system to their smartphones. Last year, a team of developers successfully ported full-featured Windows 10 to the Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

The developers have tried to add the Continuum feature, as well as the familiar calling application, to Lumia phones running Windows operating system. They even tweaked it further to help Windows recognize the SIM card installed on the device.

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