Suggest 4 models of backpacks made in Vietnam priced from 450k for those who like to “bring the world” everywhere

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2021-11-01 07:38:16

Camelia Global Backpack – 450k

This backpack model has the advantage of a moderate price, quite compact size, enough room to hold a 14 – 15 inch laptop and a DSLR camera with a medium size lens. The inside and bottom of the backpack has quite thick cotton padding, quite good shock resistance. The outer fabric uses a completely waterproof Canvas material with a zipper with a cover, so you can rest assured that the contents inside are guaranteed to be safe even when walking in the rain.

The outside of the Global Backpack has 3 compartments, a medium size on the front and 2 small pockets on both sides. Inside there is 1 medium-sized mesh compartment on the lid, 2 small zippered compartments, overall, quite a lot of items.

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DIM Explorer Backpack – 490k

Another option for those who like minimalism and neatness comes from DIM. This backpack model also uses waterproof canvas material, has a large capacity with a spacious main compartment, for cameras, comfortable items, a secondary compartment that fits a 14 – 15 inch laptop and has enough cotton lining around and under. bottom. The interior also has 1 additional zippered compartment and 2 small sub-compartments.

And yet, the outside of the backpack has up to 5 more small compartments, 2 compartments with lids, 2 compartments on both sides and 1 safe wallet and phone compartment on the back.

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Reckless Valley Backpack – 530k

Another product that many Vietnamese young people love is the Valley backpack from Reckless. This type is for those of you who like to stand out a bit when the main color is still black but with outstanding gold details that look quite cool.

The product uses 1200D Polyester and 420D Nylon Pack Cloth with fully waterproof PU coating, designed with many large and small compartments, suitable for both laptops and small cameras. The sub-compartments are logically divided, clearly for different types of items and have a cotton lining for good shock absorption.

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Jamlos Buddy Backpack – 620k

This backpack model has a more stylish and fancy design, although it still uses simple colors. The horizontal raft design at the bottom and compact on the lid when worn on the back looks less “jail”, wearing to work, school or when traveling are all beautiful.

Of course, the fabric is still high-grade enough, ensuring water resistance and shock-absorbing cotton padding. Inside is a spacious main compartment, a laptop compartment up to 15.6 inches and 2 small auxiliary compartments. Outside is a large extra compartment with a front cover and 2 small compartments on both sides to store water bottles and small items.

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