Summary of Entries Round 2 Trader Storytelling (part 2): The story of people who are “enthusiastic about Blockchain”, “believe in Bitcoin” to “the right attitude when participating in the market”

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2021-10-30 08:57:21

In this article summarizing part 2, CHK TV would like to introduce to you the next 3 submissions posted in the TOP 10 that entered the 2nd round. Event Trader Storytelling – where participants will share their journey with the crypto market and yourself – the audience of CHK will be the judge.

However, before starting with extremely interesting stories, please join this Minigame to support the contestants in the 2nd round of the Event.

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Into the market, more knowledge and less greed | Author: Lucas Tran

What motivated you to enter the market? What are the things a newcomer needs to know when entering the cryptocurrency market? When you have enough knowledge, how to prepare mentally to be able to safely hold coins that you know are gems – are precious gems?

Listen to author Lucas Tran share!

The Story of a Blockchain & Crypto Enthusiast | Author: Trung Kien

Starting as a blank page, after the first painful falls, we gradually understand the nature of the cryptocurrency market in general and DeFi in particular. After understanding, I have “fallen in love” with DeFi, let’s listen to author Trung Kien share about his inspirational journey!

Bitcoin is the greatest invention, the train that never stops | Author: Vinnie

“Once you understand the nature of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smartcontract, you will have enough confidence to take a train into the future without fear.” Let’s see how author Vinnie has “enlightened” the values ​​of Blockchain!

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