Summary of platforms that support airdrop hunting and whitelist

Summary of platforms that support airdrop hunting and whitelist


2022-12-20 03:37:47

After the successful airdrop season of Aptos, the community has been looking for potential opportunities in the market such as Sui, Arbitrum, zkSync, Sei, etc. with the desire to increase profits.

Accordingly, web3 tools are of more interest to users than ever, as this may be the basis for the project to consider airdrops or whitelist rewards in the future.

Prepare before hunting airdrop and whitelist

Download and install CHK Extension Wallet

First, you go to to install CHK Extension Wallet. For instructions on installing and using CHK Extension Wallet, you can refer to here.

Most blockchains are platforms Web3 Support is available on CHK Extension Wallet. Therefore, you should create and use a Multichain wallet for the most convenient experience, see the user manual here.

Subscribe to Discord,Twitter and Telegram

To interact with all the tools below, you need to create and use a pair of Discord, Twitter, and Telegram accounts identical to a specified wallet. Using the same account pair will limit the case of invalidity in airdrop consideration and confusion when manipulating the wallet.

In addition, you should also confirm the email with the network if possible, after Aptos only airdrops the individuals who have connected mail to limit virtual accounts.

List of airdrop hunting tools and whitelist


Layer3 is a platform that provides tasks that promote user interaction with a network or project. The usual reward for quests is experience, NFT and sometimes even USDC.

Most of the tasks on Layer3 have limited time and number of participants, so users need to quickly complete the field when the supply is full. The limitation on NFT in some tasks may be the basis for projects to be more rigorous in selecting users for future rewards.

There will be tasks on Layer3 that are limited in terms of levels, only allowing accounts with a certain level to do it. Thereby, Layer3 has helped the project filter many virtual accounts and give real users worthy rewards.

Read more: How to use Layer3.


Galxe is a household name to NFT collectors, as quests from the project running on the platform will deliver NFT to you immediately upon completion of the quest. Each NFT will have a unique role in each project, be it a ticket to an event or a role on the internet. Discord.

Although there have been many complaints from users about the issue of NFT mint and just leaving it alone, there are also many potential projects that are holding events on Galxe such as Optimism Quest or Arbitrum Odyssey… Carefully review the project information as well as the description of the NFT to correctly expect what the asset will bring in the future.

Read the notes carefully to know how to use the NFT.

To learn more about Galxe, you can check out: Galxe User Guide.


Crew3 is a web3 product that offers a particularly prominent mission during the Aptos testnet.

With the advantage of a friendly interface, easy-to-access task manipulation and easy task management project support without having to create too many items, Crew3 has accelerated the development speed, making more and more projects. projects (especially NFTs) come to connect with potential users. Unlike products that mainly use NFT, the valuable rewards on Crew3 are tied to Discord.

Quests reward roles directly on Discord.

However, at a time when the market has just experienced a shock from FTX and the stagnation of many NFT Aptos projects due to too many scams. Crew3 also needs to find its position in the near future. Currently Crew3 is having tasks to take the role of zkSync, ZetaChain…

Read more: Crew3 User Manual.


Quest3 is a web3 tool that supports projects in promoting and bringing users closer to their products through accompanying tasks and many attractive rewards.

Like the above web3 products, projects appearing on Quest3 will be authenticated with a green check mark to help users select easily. To attract new users, Quest3 is having tasks that require accounts to be set up from a fixed timeline.

Quest3 newbie-specific quests.

Currently, Quest3 is the destination for short-term, small events of blockchains and whitelists for new NFT projects. You see the manual using Quest3 here


Gitcoin is an open bounty platform on Ethereum, where the project posts ideas and receives donations from the community. Currently, Gitcoin has 4 main products including Grants, Passports, Bounties and Hackathons built to support new projects creating protocols in the Web3 ecosystem. Through donating and interacting with projects, users can receive valuable rewards in the future.

Some projects may use Gitcoin or gitcoin passports as the basis for airdrop consideration.

Gitcoin Passport has many criteria, suitable for avoiding fraud.

Read more: Gitcoin User Guide


Snapshot is a voting system that provides the flexibility to support different types of voting for projects and communities. The conditions to be able to participate in voting will be done outside of the product, so there will be no fee for you to participate in the snapshot. Through voting, the project will acknowledge users’ contributions to the community and can be the basis for future airdrops.

Through the snapshot, you can also instantly filter projects that are of interest to many users so as not to miss any airdrop opportunities in the future.

Some notes in the process of “hunting”

Especially follow the project Discord channel

Discord channel of projects will always be the place to update the most detailed information about ongoing events. You can also read the comments or directly interact with the project admin to find out for yourself information and issues that need to be answered.

The roles on the project’s Discord are also very important, this will be the basis for the project to consider the airdrop or help you receive the corresponding privileges.

Use a combination of different tools

The same project can appear on many different tools. When participating in an airdrop hunt or a whitelist of any project, the first thing you need to do is go through the tools to filter out the tasks that can be done at the same time.

For example: Perform the transaction task of Optimism Quest and satisfy the task of the Optimism network on Layer3.

Join information aggregation channels on Telegram or Twitter

General information channels or each blockchain will be an important source so that you do not miss any “bets” in the market. In particular, information aggregation channels can also be built at first to gain the trust of users and turn to scams or install scam links. Therefore, you need to participate selectively.

Reference: Gem Hunt – Margin ATM

Beware of channels, scams are rampant

As mentioned above, the project impersonation channel abounds on platforms like Twitter or Telegram. Just renaming the same project and different endings, dots or a few characters can fool dozens of users.

When connecting wallets on scam sites, gas fees will be deducted, in fact this is a transfer of users’ assets. Therefore, you need to check if the connection transaction, mint NFT is deducted more gas or property fees than it actually is before pressing the button. Approve.

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