Summoners Arena Open Beta Event Details

Summoners Arena Open Beta Event Details


2022-02-07 05:36:36


  • Open Beta will be open to both iOS and Android to enter 7/2
  • Total Prizes 50,000 SAE go with 02 activities as follows
    • King of the Arena: 40,000 SAE for the top 250 players on the PvP Leaderboard
    • Looking For Tiros Clover: 10,000 SAE lucky draw for players who own Tiros Clover items

O Summoners,

Summoners Arena would like to announce that the Open Beta event has finally set an official launch date. Details of participation in Open Beta as well as in-game activities are as follows.

1. Some basic information about the Open Beta

Important information

  • Time: 2:00 PM (UTC+7) February 7 – 2:00 PM (UTC+7) February 21
  • Will be released on both AppStore and Google Play Store (Instructions to download the game and set up will be posted before February 7)
  • Total prizes: 50,000 SAE through 2 activities (See details in Section 2 below)

Who can join?

  1. NFT holders holding at least 3 Summoners Arena NFT (both Hero and Scroll)
  • The first snapshot took place at 2:00 PM (UTC+7) on 7/2

The next 3 snapshots will take place at 2:00 PM (UTC+7) on February 8, February 11, and February 14.

  1. Everybody
  • Everyone can create an account and experience the game. Each account when created will be rewarded with a certain amount of Basic Hero.

How to join

Connect Wallet > My Account > Register

  • Get NFTs ready for snapshots

Transfer Genesis Scroll NFT from Binance NFT to personal wallet (MetaMask or CHK)

See transfer instructions at YouTube


  • Players who already have an account from previous Beta sessions will not need to create a new account
  • The whitelist will be refreshed with each snapshot. This means that only eligible users (hold 3 NFTs) at each snapshot point will be counted as valid.
  • Both NFT purchased on Binance NFT and Genesis Summon are valid for the snapshot.
  • The wallet associated with the registered game account must be a snapshot wallet to be able to participate in summoning Genesis Hero on Beta.

2. Open Beta Activity Series

Total Prizes: 50,000 SAE
2:00 PM (UTC+7) July 2 – 2:00 AM (UTC+7) July 21
Participants: Everybody


Players who win at least 1 of the 2 events will need to complete the Gleam missions below to be eligible for the rewards.

The winning player not on the Gleam roster will have the result forfeited and the reward given to another player.


Activity 1: King of the Arena

Prize: 40,000 SAE

How to attend

Top 250 players with the highest ranking in the PvP Leaderboard will win. 40,000 SAE will be divided according to the reward structure below.

Prize structure

Rank 1 – 3

  • Top 1: 2,000 SAE
  • Top 2: 1,200 SAE
  • Top 3: 800 SAE

Rank 4 – 250

  • Top 4 – 20: 500 SAE
  • Top 21 – 50: 250 SAE
  • Top 51 – 250: 100 SAE

Activity 2: Finding Tiros Clover

Prize: 10,000 SAE

How to attend

In this activity, when the player summons a hero using ASG in the game, the player will have a chance to receive a legendary item called Tiros Clover. Each player can own more than 1 Tiros Clover

Prize structure

At the end of the event, all Tiros Clover will be drawn by lucky number and selected 500 Tiros Clover good luck from all players. Every Clover has an equal chance of winning.

Each Clover selected will mean that the owner of that Clover will receive a reward 20 SAE.

Note & Disclaimer

  • Rewards will be shipped 30 days after TGE
  • Hero transferred from wallet to wallet, bought and sold on the marketplace, etc. will be 15 days lock
  • Deposit and withdraw SAE, ASG will be temporarily closed During the event
  • OTC trading and trading (directly between the two parties) will be banned on Summoners Arena’s community channels (Discord, Telegram). Because the deposit and withdrawal of tokens and transfer of Hero will be locked, the exchange and sale of assets in the Beta version will be completely meaningless. Players please pay close attention.
  • Summoners Arena reserves the right to make the final decision, and the right to change the rules or cancel the event in case of necessity.

Note about the King of Arena activities

  • In the case of players with equal points, the time to reach the final score will be the deciding factor for the player’s ranking on the Leaderboard.

Notes on the Hunt for Tiros Clover

  • The lucky draw process will take place automatically and the final results will be announced to players via the official Summoners Arena communication channels.

About Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena is a blockchain-based game with classic idle-RPG gameplay, offering a cross between traditional and blockchain games that offer countless opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the game world, and earn a sustainable source of income. Developed from a famous game with a large number of users, the team has accumulated a lot of experience in graphic design, plot, building, character development as well as community development. . Furthermore, Summoners Arena’s Play-first model focuses on gameplay and user experience, which sets Summoners Arena apart from the usual P2E Earn-first model.

Learn more about Summoners Arena:

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