Sunflowers reverse sun: Movie showtimes, how to watch movies

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2021-04-12 13:04:36

Sunflower against the sun is currently a Vietnamese film on the topic of family and social love that receives the attention of many Vietnamese film lovers every week of the week. The film has the participation of veteran faces in the Vietnamese film industry, as well as those familiar to everyone such as People’s Artist Cong Ly, artists Van Dung, Hong Diem, Hong Dang, Viet Anh ,. .. The film will re-enact the life stories of women in the Cao family with calculated intrigue in the clan war, family affection when appearing stepchildren. Currently the film has entered part 2 with new details and developments. Here is the broadcast schedule as well as how to watch the movie Sun against the Sun.

Sun calendar against sunlight

Currently the movie is fixed on broadcast Time frame at 9:40 am on VTV3 channel from Monday to Wednesday every week. The film is shown live on the television channels of Vietnam Television and online channels. In addition, if you cannot watch it live, you can review it on some support websites.

How to watch the movie Sunflower against the sun

1. is a live broadcast channel of Vietnam Television with the task of presenting TV programs and movies to viewers when it is time to broadcast on computers or phones. The website interface will have a screen showing the content, along with a schedule for each program.

2. VTVGiaitri

VTVGiaitri also broadcast live TV channels of Vietnam Television, including VTV3 and the movie Sunflower against the sun. Viewers just need to access the link above and then watch the movie live.

Watch Sunflowers against Sun on VTVGiaitri

In addition, VTVGiaitri also reruns episodes of Sunlit Sun if you want to watch it again when you cannot watch it live.

Review Sunflowers against the sun on VTVGiaitri


VTVGo is also the right choice for us to watch the movie Sunflower against the sun directly, or watch the movie with the latest episodes. The time frame of the broadcast of the movie is displayed and updated in detail to viewers.

Watch Sunflowers against the sun on

To watch Sunflowers against the sun with the latest episodes, you visit Video Store section. Then browse to the Sunlight movie column and find the episode you want to watch again.

Review Sunlight against the sun on


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