Super beast Gaming Red Magic 7 is strong enough to destroy iPhone 13 Pro Max

Super beast Gaming Red Magic 7 is strong enough to destroy iPhone 13 Pro Max


2022-01-27 20:59:14

This year’s gaming smartphone lineup has kicked off with the newest name coming soon, Nubia Red Magic 7. Recently, the Nubia brand owned by tech giant ZTE introduced a gaming smartphone. your upcoming game with extremely impressive hardware power.

Accordingly, one of the promotional videos shows that the Nubia Red Magic 7 gaming smartphone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. This chip with the special cooling system on Nubia Red Magic 7 will bring 1,101,769 points on the new Antutu evaluation tool. Compared with iPhone 13 Pro Max (just over 800 thousand points) Nubia Red Magic 7 will definitely which brings many surprises.

Notably, this Gaming super product will have fast charging up to 165W. This is also the largest capacity commercial charger available today. In fact, Xiaomi already has a 200W charger, but users will have to wait at least another year. Therefore, Nubia could be the first to break the 120W/125 W charging barrier (currently the fastest charging speed on the market.

China’s Digital Chat Station leaker even showed us this unprecedented 165W charging-enabled actual charger, out 20V/8.25A.

So it can be seen that in the near future, the smartphone village in general and gaming smartphones in particular will be greeted with an extremely impressive product called Nubia Red Magic 7. Let’s wait for official information from the manufacturer. export.

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