Super product Huawei P60 gradually appeared, causing Xiaomi and Samsung to ‘panic’

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2021-11-25 18:35:07

The P series smartphones are considered as Huawei’s flagship. Legends like P30 – P40 have confirmed Huawei’s mark in the field of high-end smartphones, especially its ability to take top-notch photos that even the iPhone has to respect.

According to relevant sources, Huawei P60 will be launched next winter, this new phone is not only equipped with the all-new “Kirin” processor, but also has amazing changes in appearance. .

According to the rendered images, it is not difficult to see that the P60 series has had big screen changes, and the business style is much stronger. Even so, it can’t help but make users feel that it is similar to the Galaxy Note product line.

Huawei P60 also seems to no longer have a hole punch and move to the screen technology that hides the front camera, which is still not widely available. This shows that Huawei really has ambition to expand further to bring its products closer to the highest in the market.

However, Huawei’s real weapon is the rear camera. For many years, the collaboration between Huawei and Leica has resulted in smartphones with impressive photography capabilities. Although the contract between the two parties has ended, the possibility that Huawei will try to maintain the image quality of the camera is very high.

According to the leaked images, Huawei P60 will only have 3 cameras, which can be the main camera, wide-angle camera and zoom. They look quite simple and sophisticated with large sizes that promise impressive photography capabilities that make competitors like Samsung, Xiaomi or even Apple wary.


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