Super product Xiaomi 12 Pro removes an unnecessary feature, promises a cheap price to eat off iPhone 13

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2021-12-30 21:55:12

In recent days, during the warm-up process for the new Flagship series, Xiaomi has officially announced almost all basic configuration information of the two Xiaomi 12 series flagships, including performance, screen, recording capability. take a shot…

Some render images and real camera photos of Mi 12 have been leaked online, according to these photos, there is a point that makes netizens notice that Mi 12 Pro seems to cancel the telephoto rear camera with a periscope. much rumored before. Of course Xiaomi officials never said anything about it. The periscope lens is said to bring up to 5x Zoom capabilities for Xiaomi 12 Pro to help it outperform the iPhone Pro.

At noon today, the popular blogger @Digitalchatstation broke the news, confirming that the Mi 12 Pro has canceled the periscope telephoto lens. The periscope lens will only appear on the Mi 12 Ultra model and is an exclusive configuration of this product.

But in reality, it’s not a pity that the real tele is coming. After several years of competition among manufacturers, periscope lenses with good magnification are no longer something companies want to compete with. The lack of a periscope lens does not affect day-to-day use. On the contrary, optimizing the working ability of the main and wide-angle cameras, effects and visual experience will benefit users and save costs.

This could lead to the Xiaomi 12 Pro being much cheaper and more accessible. It will probably be lower than the 15.5 million figure of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with a periscope lens. This is really worth the wait.

In addition, since this generation of Xiaomi Mi 12 series focuses more on thin and light bodies, there will be more room for the battery inside the body, and the periscope lens poses significant thickness challenges. and width.

In the future, Mi 12 Ultra, which has more improvements in photography, will certainly affect the body because it is equipped with leading technical technologies.


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