Superfluid’s QiDAO vesting contract was exploited

Superfluid’s QiDAO vesting contract was exploited


2022-02-09 11:46:28

Recently, on its Twitter page, QiDao Protocol said that the project’s smart contract Superfluid was hacked. However, this incident does not affect the assets of users on QiDAO.

QiDAO is the next project to be exploited, what happened?

The specific announcement of QiDAO is as follows:

“The vesting contract of the Superfluid array has been exploited. User assets in QiDAO contracts remain safe. This is an exploit separate from Superfluid’s product line. We will promptly update the latest developments.”

According to the tweet above, user collateral is not affected. Security research firm SlowMist estimates that up to 13 million USD of cryptocurrencies have been stolen by hackers.

Although the development and specific attack method have not been announced by the project, the market quickly reacted, when the price of QiDAO quickly plunged more than 60%, partly because of concerns surrounding hackers. find liquidity to disperse this amount of tokens.

This is the second major DeFi attack in February 2022, following the Wormhole cross-chain bridge incident on Solana.

In the post-mortem post explaining the Superfluid incident, the unit said that the hacker took advantage of the vulnerability and passed in false data, and transferred money from many personal wallets to his own wallet.

Specifically, the stolen assets include:

  • 11,008 MATIC
  • 1,507,931 MOCA
  • 28 ETH
  • 39,357 sdam3CRV
  • 19,387,874 QUOTE
  • 44,581 SDT
  • 23,653 STACK
  • 562,834 USDC

This amount was then swapped by the hacker in the form of ETH. The Superfluid side also said that the vulnerability in the above contract has been temporarily fixed.

The latest information on the case will be quickly updated by CHK!

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