Supermarkets all “change money” with candy, sugar, in the end how much do these items cost?

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2021-05-08 04:08:51

In the eyes of the ordinary person, 1 candy or 1 pack of sugar is nothing more and no less food. But strangely enough, in the eyes of many cashiers at some supermarkets, they are considered as a special type of money … to pay for customers when they lack 500 VND or 1,000 VND.

This kind of “money” is also very diverse in terms of “forms”, of which the most popular are the following 4 types.

In the past 1-2 years, this mini-packet sugar has suddenly become a special “transaction currency” at some supermarkets. In fact, a package of sugar has a retail price of only 500 VND, if purchased “over”, the price is definitely much cheaper.

Oishi candy is also a familiar “currency” that many consumers are tired of when paying bills at some supermarkets. On the online market, you can buy 1 piece of Oishi candy at the price of 1,000 VND, but if you buy the whole 90g pack (including about 30 tablets), the price is only about 4,800-6,000 VND / pack. Calculated, 1 tablet costs only 160-200VND only!

Supermarkets all
Supermarkets all

Referring to the “anonymous money” at the supermarket certainly can not ignore Cool Air chewing gum. A pack of 100 tablets has a selling price of about 84,000 VND, for each one costs only 763 VND, there is a shortage of nearly 300 VND to be enough for 1,000 VND, supermarkets!

Supermarkets all

Dynamite candy is also the “golden name in the village of surplus money”. On the internet market, 1 Dynamite candy retails for 1,000 VND. The same principle with Oishi candy, when you buy a large package, when divided, 1 Dynamite candy definitely costs a lot lower than the number 1,000 VND!

Supermarkets all

In fact, the situation of overpaying with candy or sugar packages has decreased a lot, but there are still a few places that “force” consumers to receive “change” with these things with the inherent reason of “running out of money”. odd ”. To avoid this situation, you can use a card or most conveniently use an e-wallet, because most supermarkets, large and small, have applied this method.

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