Surface Duo has not updated Android 11 forever, Microsoft said at Google

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2022-01-04 10:30:05

Users of the first generation Surface Duo were probably looking forward to updating to Android 11, but this has not been possible in 2021. While many rival products are starting to Android 12. Microsoft is still standing still.

Surface Duo launched in September 2020 and runs Android 10 of 2019. Microsoft promised that the dual-screen device would be upgraded to Android 11 before the end of 2021, but this promise did not come true. and Microsoft is blaming Google.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft says that Android 11 for Surface Duo has been tested internally and is ready to be released to users. However, Google requires devices that come with the Google Play Store to go through a certification test before rolling out major updates. Since both companies are on year-end holidays that won’t happen until 2022.

This angered many Surface Duo users because Microsoft didn’t prepare the update sooner. Microsoft has had more than a year to prepare for Android 11. During that time, it also launched Surface Duo 2 with Android 11 pre-installed, which means that Microsoft already has experience with this operating system.

Microsoft has promised 3 years of updates for the Surface Duo, users can expect updates until September 2023, but with the company not able to release Android 11 in time, this promise seems unlikely. reliable, and will also reduce customer confidence in the future Surface Duo line.

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