‘Surprised’ by Nokia E7.2222, cheap, designed to break Galaxy S22 Ultra, 120Hz screen, 6000 mAh battery

‘Surprised’ by Nokia E7.2222, cheap, designed to break Galaxy S22 Ultra, 120Hz screen, 6000 mAh battery

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2022-06-20 22:55:43

Nokia is no longer interested in releasing high-end smartphones. Instead, focusing on the mid-range segment is the number one priority. However, many users still wish that Nokia could soon bring back a high-end smartphone like the recent Nokia E7 2022 concept.

Concept Nokia E7 2022 gives users an imaginary look if Nokia is still a big man in the smartphone village as it is today.

First of all, Nokia E7 2022 will be like many other high-end smartphone models when it comes to owning a screen with very thin bezel on the front. However, the upper border will be a bit thick to accommodate the front camera. Thanks to that, this design will help the screen be complete and not be affected by the hole like many manufacturers today.

Similar to the top border, the bottom border of Nokia E7 2022 is also a bit thicker. The ultra-thin screen bezel is mainly used on the right and left sides of the screen. This design is actually not new, it is actually a fairly traditional 16: 9 ratio.

The display of the Nokia E7 2022 will have a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and the display is delicate and high quality. The panel used is AMOLED, which provides good display quality but still maintains the price is not too expensive.

The back of Nokia E7 2022 is a 5-camera + flash design in the upper left corner, similar to the mainstream camera layout on the market today. This does not seem to come as a surprise. However, the main camera of these five cameras is as high as 108 million pixels, as well as a telephoto lens with 120x super telephoto zoom and an ultra-wide lens, etc., which supports the super nightscape video recording mode, which is also outstanding. . These are all the same parameters as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In terms of battery life, this leaked Nokia E7 concept model has a large 6000mAh battery and supports 120W fast charging technology. This battery life profile can be said to be unprecedented in the current flagship market, and it is very powerful.

Storage will include Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and equipped with LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 storage combination, all very promising.

Overall, the Nokia E7 2022 concept is quite interesting, it can really become a rival to the Galaxy S22 Ultra if launched. But it will only be possible if today’s Nokia is as powerful as Samsung. It’s a pity that Nokia is no longer at the peak like it was 20 years ago. Perhaps it will be a long time before Nokia can produce a true high-end phone product.

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