Synnex FPT is ready for the billion-dollar destination in the first half of Q4

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2022-09-14 23:53:44

According to Mr. Le Vinh Thanh (Chairman & CEO of Synnex FPT), the unit will reach the revenue milestone of 1 billion USD for the first time in history in the first half of Q4. This forecast is based on revenue growth of nearly 40% and profit nearing 60% in the first half of 2022.

Mr. Le Vinh Thanh, President and CEO of Synnex FPT. Photo: Synnex FPT

The distributor is ambitious to occupy the largest distribution market share in the group of IT products and solutions, opening new categories such as functional foods, medical devices, Smart B2B with the goal of millions of dollars in revenue, etc. Along with the continuous expansion of business, modern logistics and logistics infrastructure along with a digital distribution management system (DDP) are also being developed.

By the end of 2021, Synnex FPT reached the finish line with a revenue growth rate of 55% and a profit increase of 112%, despite the serious impact of Covid-19 in all fields, creating growth momentum for 2022.

During the first half of 2021, the global supply chain was almost frozen due to a lack of production materials. In the domestic market, business activities were severely affected due to the lack of goods to supply the distribution network and prolonged social distancing.

Finding opportunities in danger, Synnex FPT has done a good job of harmonizing supply and demand, ensuring timely priority to supply equipment for essential fields. Taking advantage of the extensive distribution channels and full product range of about 40 of the world’s leading technology partners are the main drivers of this impressive growth.

In addition, a long-standing reputable brand name and a team of seasoned and experienced personnel who have drastically changed have contributed to promoting the strong transformation of the leading distribution unit to adapt to the “new normal”. . As a result, 2021 is the first year the unit achieves the trillion dong profit milestone.

Continuing the growth momentum, by the end of Q1/2022 Synnex FPT achieved the best quarterly profit growth of FPT at the rate of 108%. The expansion of categories and cooperation with many new partners have brought good results. Right after the official announcement of the distribution of Xiaomi phones, Synnex FPT also signed cooperation agreements with a series of major technology companies such as Dynabook, Synology, Rosenberger, Logitech, Apacer, OWC…

Mr. Le Vinh Thanh (Chairman & General Director of Synnex FPT) at the signing ceremony of cooperation with Xiaomi

Impressive growth, continuous expansion of distribution channels, and experienced sales team are the recognitions of partners for distributors as the No. 1 representative in Vietnam. Synnex FPT’s efforts in improving service quality as well as increasing customer experience have brought many prestigious awards such as Best Distributor, Best Growth Distributor, etc. long-standing traditional partners such as Intel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Western Digital, etc.

Synnex FPT received the best distributor award FY21 from Dell Technologies

Synnex FPT is an affiliate company of FPT Corporation, which currently accounts for 50% of the distribution market share of many important partners in the Vietnamese market. With nearly 30 years of experience in the distribution industry in the domestic market, Synnex FPT has contributed to bringing millions of high-quality products and technology solutions to Vietnamese consumers. The channel system of more than 3,800 agents and 8,000 points of sale, the optimal sales support policy and the comprehensive digital management solution of Synnex FPT are the factors that ensure a perfect goods supply chain.

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