T99 Group brings cloud data technology to standardize the operating system

T99 Group brings cloud data technology to standardize the operating system


2021-04-24 07:28:33

Through this partnership, T99 Group will apply cloud computing technology and data management to enhance business models, as well as experience personal financial services for customers.

At the event on April 21, 2021, the two finance and technology circles witnessed the top cooperation between the two leading industry leaders, T99 Financial Group and VNG Group. Stemming from the development orientation of enhancing the value of Vietnamese brands by Vietnamese and for Vietnamese, the representative of T99 Group chose to cooperate with VNG Cloud as a Vietnamese unit providing a combination of electrical technology solutions and services. leading cloud computing.

Representative of T99 Finance Group – Mr. Bui Duc Long (left) and representative of VNG Cloud – Mr. Vu Minh Tri (right) shook hands to mark the comprehensive development of cooperation.

As a strategic partner of T99 Group, VNG Cloud will apply cloud computing technology and data management to initiate the digitization process in operations and business operations for the No. 1 pawn system in Vietnam. Male. Specifically, VNG Cloud will provide solutions including the establishment of cloud computing infrastructure such as data storage, network connectivity and security, and deployment of solution tools to support block operations. office. Provide digital technology solutions and build data platforms (Data Platform) for the purpose of serving business analysis by applying big data (Big Data) and artificial intelligence (AI).

T99 Group brings cloud data technology to standardize operating system - Photo 2.

The moment of strategic cooperation between T99 Financial Group and VNG Cloud.

Cooperation with VNG Cloud is the first step for a series of digital technology application projects that T99 Group will develop in the coming future such as: Management and operation system of transaction offices and operations. internal cloud platform, transaction data and customer care management system, application platform that helps customers to self-manage personal loan transactions, application platform to support financial valuation international standard products. Especially, the system secures 100% of customer information data arising from transactions with T99.

T99 Group brings cloud data technology to standardize the operating system - Photo 3.

Also at this event, the T99 Group and the class shareholder Vicoland Group have simultaneously signed a strategic investment with 3 other technology partners corresponding to development plans in 2021. These cooperation in turn include Joint venture to invest and develop electronic financial products with VNDC Holding, the first unit to issue Stablecoin guaranteed by VND and ranked 2nd in the world in the number of Stablecoin owners (Etherscan) Cooperation in investment and development of the MAP4D digital map platform with IoT Link, digitizing all places calling for investment on 4D maps and 360 Virtual Tour technology; Cooperate in investing in the development of the solution “Cash flow using technology” with FinLink, helping businesses to solve the problem of cash flow optimally in the internal business ecosystem of enterprises.

Shaking hands with Vietnam’s leading technology partners is the premise for T99 Group to build a solid foundation for a breakthrough in the future. At the same time, this is also a testament to the commitment to continuously improve customer service experience of T99 Financial Group and its shareholders Vicoland Group.

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