Taiwan Excellence sends a positive message through an online exhibition

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2021-09-13 15:20:04

In the context of complicated developments of COVID-19, Taiwan Excellence decided to organize an online exhibition “LIVE VOLUNTEER: PEOPLE IN THE OUTSIDE STORIES”, to spread 25 stories of everyday life with sharing and secrets. determined to overcome the epidemic, encouraging everyone to keep an optimistic attitude in the face of all challenges and do their best to fully enjoy every special moment and wish. Vuong To Anh, the winner of the first month of the contest “Living willingly – Sharing moments” organized by Taiwan Excellence, said: “Living the vows sounds like a difficult thing to do. However, if we cherish every moment of being with our family, experiencing life with the people we love, or having a dinner together, and telling each other about the daily ups and downs, that is a willing life.”

At the exhibition, the audience can admire the daily life stories and secrets of Living the Will from 25 friends representing the past 3 months.

A highlight of the exhibition was the participation of 05 Taiwanese brands such as LUFTQI, GIGO TOYS, MAKTAR, BENQ and MSI. This is one of the representatives of Taiwan’s technological elite and was honored to receive the Taiwan Excellence Award with strict selection mechanisms according to 4 majors “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality”, “Marketing”, and must pass the condition “Made in Taiwan”.

Taiwan Excellence sends a positive message through an online exhibition - Photo 2.

Sharing of 5 brands (LUFTQI, Gigo Toys, Maktar, BenQ and MSI ) in the exhibition

Taiwan Excellence’s LIVING EXCELLENCE – Live the Will campaign in Vietnam is receiving the attention of the community with the participation of famous and influential people on social networks such as Giang Oi, Vinh Vuong and with the enthusiastic participation of the public in activities within the framework of the campaign. Since then, the campaign has continued to create awareness and love among Vietnamese consumers for Taiwanese brands. In addition to introducing famous brands and high-quality products, Taiwan Excellence also sends many positive messages, inspiring the community to build a happy daily life, especially during this period. period of COVID-19. At the beginning of 2021, Taiwan Excellence introduces to Vietnamese consumers the message LIVING EXCELLENCE – Live the Will, with the hope that no matter what difficulties and challenges will arise, life will always be complete when we have good spirit, good attitude and good products in his family.

Director of Taiwan Excellence – Mr. Mark Wu said: “Vietnam is a potential market with great economic and social development in recent years. Therefore, we always consider this as an important market to introduce products with technological quintessence. Taiwan technology with a wide range of consumers and customers here. With the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic worldwide and many complicated and damaging variations, besides good products, we I hope that the encouraging media messages will help Vietnamese people to lift their spirits during this difficult time.The online exhibition “LIVE VUUAN Y: PEOPLE IN THE EXTERNAL STORY” is one of the activities that bring Viewers just need to sit at home and listen to positive stories and good products to make their lives more fulfilling.”

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