Take a look at some of the popular ‘storming’ phone models that once had 2 or more SIMs

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2022-06-04 03:49:44

In 2000, the Benefon Twin was announced as the world’s first dual SIM phone. The Finnish VLP operator brags about its usefulness as follows: “Using 2 SIM cards in one phone will provide our customers with a smart and handy way to combine the economics of our Citikka subscription and the global coverage of our services. GSM. Citikka Q is specifically for users who frequently move outside of our Citikka network’s business area“.

Benefon Twin SIM is the world’s first dual SIM phone

Erik Sjoberg, CEO of VLP said: “As far as we know, the Benefon Twin SIM is the first GSM phone on the market with an operating system and location for 2 SIM cards, which greatly facilitates the management of the user’s phone with two other phone numbers. together“.

Mr. Jorma Nieminen added: “It provides notable added value not only to customers of Cityphone services in the region but also to all users who, for whatever reason, are using two separate mobile phone subscriptions.“.

Gigabyte Gsmart G1317 Rola is the first Android with dual SIM. Announced at the end of 2010, it went on sale in April 2011. Meanwhile, ViewSonic also announced the ViewSonic V350 as the first dual-SIM phone in February 20211, although it was redesigned and the launch was pushed back to June.

Gigabyte Gsmart G1317 Rola is the world’s first Android phone with 2 SIM slots

Intex IN 5030 E Tri.do is the first 3-SIM phone found in 2010. This is a name that is not too prominent, but it supports GSM + GSM + CDMA connectivity and can handle it at the same time. SIM cards from Airtel, Idea for GSM and Tata Indicom (3 major carriers in India at the time).

Intex IN 5030 E Tri.do is the world’s first 3-SIM phone

LG also introduced its first 3-SIM phone, the LG A290, in 2012. A year later, LG and MediaTek announced a partnership to build the world’s first 3G Android smartphone.

At that time, a user with the nickname HateU shared: “Triple SIM? Are you kidding me! I want four SIMs! Otherwise I have to buy 2 different phones for my 4 SIM cards. Shame on you LG!“.

And the wish came true when the Flying F160 claimed to be the world’s first Quad-SIM phone from late 2010. It even had a dedicated slot for a microSD card.

At the same time, another phone appeared with the nickname OTECH F1. It is also claimed to be the first Quad-SIM phone. In fact, looking at their hardware, it’s pretty clear that these are two similar phones.

OTECH F1 aka Flying F160 is the world’s first Squad-SIM phone

Not long after, a company called T&T released four models of Quad-SIM phones, each priced at $30. Of course, they were basic feature phones and were inspired by designs from BlackBerry, Motorola, and Nokia.

Cheap 4 SIM phone for only 30 USD

LG also released several Quad-SIM phones in 2013 namely LG C299 and LG A395. Nowadays, not many people use 3 SIM phones, even just 1 SIM is enough due to the convenience of eSIM. So most phones with more than 2 SIMs are no longer working.

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