TATA Super ACE – Optimal choice for freight services in the context of economic downturn

TATA Super ACE – Optimal choice for freight services in the context of economic downturn

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2023-02-21 03:59:48

After 6 years of appearing in Vietnam, the truck model TATA Super ACE has passed the milestone of 4,000 vehicles, with sales continuously increasing. For example, in 2021, sales will reach 740 vehicles, and by 2022, it will reach 962 vehicles. This proves the success of this car line, as well as the trust of consumers.

So what are the advantages to choose? TATA Super ACE During tough economic times?

Factory TATA Super ACE

Functional advantage

TATA Super ACE There are up to 3 options, which are closed box, canvas top and mezzanine, flexibly meeting the diverse needs of customers for transporting goods. Particularly in this respect, TATA Super ACE has outperformed the competition, because it has helped businesses or business households feel secure to use without having to invest additional costs to convert the boxes.

In addition, the container size is also larger, with a total length of the trunk of up to 2,800mm, about 15% longer than some competitors, helping to transport more goods and at the same time more convenient. when transporting bulky goods. The maximum allowable load of the canvas roof version is 990kg, and the closed version is up to 1,130kg.

As the leading large vehicle in the light truck segment, the surprising figure is that the turning radius is only 4.8m – lower than even some B-class passenger cars. This means that TATA Super ACE will be more flexible when operating on busy streets, or having to manage in tight spaces in parking lots, warehouses, or winding roads in the countryside.

Truck TATA Super ACE

Motivational advantage

A huge difference of TATA Super ACE in the light truck segment is the TATA 1.4CRAIL12 diesel engine. This engine has a maximum capacity of 52kW at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 140Nm at 1,700 – 2,300 rpm.

The impressive and remarkable figure is the greatest traction achieved right from very low rpm. This means that even with heavy loads, working in harsh conditions such as bad roads or steep climbs, the car does not have to work at high rpm. This advantage not only helps save fuel, reduce noise under heavy loads, but also increases the life of the engine compared to some competitors using gasoline engines.

Because of the optimal traction, the car can climb steeply, up to 30.3% – a number that challenges all national highways or provincial roads across the country, surpassing the slopes of wharfs. , wharf, or basement slope.

Truck interior TATA Super ACE

Cost advantage

When it comes to freight vehicles, it is impossible to ignore the cost factor, including initial investment costs, fuel costs and maintenance and repair costs.

With the price from only 276 million, TATA Super ACE becoming a light truck with a leading competitive price in the group of vehicles with a tonnage of about 1 ton.

Diesel engine with optimal traction helped TATA Super ACE achieves outstanding fuel economy in the segment, only 6 liters of oil / 100km. Moreover, equipping a diesel engine also helps TATA Super ACE serve the owner more durable, reduce the cost of reinvestment.

The 24-hour Service program helps customers feel more secure when it comes to maintenance. All the usual maintenance items are committed to perform quickly within the day.

TATA Promotions

To support customers to buy a car in the early Spring of 2023, TMT Motors introduces an attractive incentive program, specifically as follows:

– Offers 25 million dong for TATA Super ACE 2022 version and 20 million VND for the 2023 version. (Equivalent to 6 months of fuel costs under medium frequency business use)

– Time: From February 6, 2023 to the end of February 28, 2023

– Subjects of application: Customers who buy TATA cars.

– Scope of application: Truck model TATA Super ACE

Product link: https://tmt-vietnam.com/danh-sach-xe/tmt-tata/tata-super-ace/

Link to the promotion program: https://tmt-vietnam.com/tata-super-ace-khuyen-mai-khung-tang-ngay-25-trieu-dong/

With all the values ​​aimed at bringing greater economic efficiency, TATA Super ACE is a prominent name in the light truck segment. Launching attractive incentive programs at the right time, plus very good prices applied, TMT Motors is demonstrating its understanding, willingness to share and accompany Vietnamese customers.


Hotline: 1900 5454 62

Dealer system: https://tmt-vietnam.com/danh-sach-dai-ly/

Website: https://tmt-vietnam.com/

About TMT Motors

TATA Motors – the number 1 car brand in India and one of the leading commercial vehicle brands in the world with a product portfolio covering a wide range of vehicles from commercial to touring. The market capitalization reached more than 42 billion USD. In India, TATA is also the leading name in the commercial vehicle segment, as well as the top in the segment of small, mid-size passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles.

Joint venture for production, assembly and distribution between TMT Motors and TATA Motors: In May 2015, TMT signed a distribution agreement with TATA Motors (India) Co., Ltd. Accordingly, TATA Motors will provide all components for vehicle assembly (CKD) and complete vehicle (CBU) for TMT in Vietnam. The contract also includes technology licenses and supply agreements, allowing TMT to selectively distribute TATA Motors commercial vehicles, as well as expand its sales and distribution network of assembled vehicles in Vietnam. Male.

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