Tax up to 30%, but Apple employees also disparage the security capabilities of the App Store

Tax up to 30%, but Apple employees also disparage the security capabilities of the App Store

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2021-04-12 12:00:39

While Apple prides itself on the safety and security of its users on its App Store, its own senior engineer doesn’t believe in it when it comes to its security capabilities. This service is like “bring the plastic butter knife to the battlefield“so.

This statement is revealed in Epic filing filed with the court regarding the antitrust lawsuit with Apple coming next month. This comment was made by Eric Friedman, the head of Apple’s Algorithmic Fraud and Risk Engineering unit.

In Epic’s documents, Friedman even compared the process of evaluating new apps on Apple’s App Store to “A pretty girl picks you up… at a Hawaii airport rather than a drug sniffing dog“He added that Apple is not equipped to” deflect very sophisticated attackers. “

This revelation could be a blow to Apple’s plea for charging taxes as high as 30% per transaction on the App Store. According to Apple, this high tax is necessary for store management and consumer protection.

Since the end of August last year, when Epic filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for preventing it from launching an in-app payment mechanism of its own. Apple argues that blocking third-party in-app payment tools is because they undermine the security of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, with hundreds of pages of documents submitted to the court, including internal ones from Apple, Epic is trying to strike at Apple’s confidentiality promise arguing the tech giant “there is no evidence“show application review process”will better screen for security issues than other methods of distributing applications. “

To support its argument, the game maker has come up with many examples of deceptive apps that appeared on the App Store, including fake blood pressure measuring apps, trick users into buying fake goods, as well as a fake Minecraft app for $ 6.99 which is one of the top five most downloaded paid apps.

Despite admitting these cases, Apple cites data from 2018 showing that the iOS platform is still significantly safer than Android when only “0.85% of applications are infected” while the platform Android accounts for 47.2% of infected applications while Windows accounts for 35.8% of infected applications.

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