Tech giant Microsoft officially “makeover” with Metaverse after Facebook

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2021-11-04 21:20:22

US tech giant Microsoft is joining the Metaverse through updates to its Teams and Xbox game services, along with a new product called “Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces.”

Tech giant Microsoft officially “makeover” with Metaverse after Facebook

Following the explosive Metaverse wave that came from the event Facebook changed the company’s name to Meta, on November 2, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced Microsoft’s Metaverse plan during the Microsoft Ignite conference.

“Metaverse allows us to bring computers into the real world and vice versa. Bring real presence to any digital space. The most important thing is that we can bring humanity to us and choose how we want to experience this world.”

The update to Microsoft Teams is named “Mesh” and first released in 2022 will provide users with a personalized digital avatar and a lively space to meet in space. Metaverse, can be accessed from any device. Later in the evolution of Mesh, organizations will also be able to build custom spaces to support real-life scenarios.

At the same time, Microsoft’s new “Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces” product goes live in first preview in December 2021 and enables organizations to combine Metaverse technology and artificial intelligence (AI) with their business. surname. Microsoft says that Spaces can be used to mine very detailed and generalized observational data, across all geographical barriers.

In an interview on November 3, Nadella also stated that Microsoft’s Xbox video game company will be working hard to fully integrate Metaverse into its games. However, the CEO has remained “secretive” as he does not provide any specific updates for the game sector.

“In a sense, all games are 2D these days and the question is, can you now take them to an absolute 3D world? We fully plan to do so.”

Microsoft isn’t the only major player to roll out a Metaverse plan this week. Earlier in the week, Nike also filed a trademark application for its iconic logo and tagline for use in the “virtual online world.” The company also posted two vacancies recently for virtual material designers.

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