Tech people are feverish before the Windows XP judgment causes nostalgia for the legendary operating system

Tech people are feverish before the Windows XP judgment causes nostalgia for the legendary operating system

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2022-07-16 12:38:43

(CHK) A monument of technology once – Windows XP computer operating system has been celebrated by MicroSoft with a series of eye-catching T-shirts.

Recently, the technology world was once reminded of the legendary Windows XP technology. Accordingly, Microsoft has collaborated with Supervsn designer Gavin Mathieu to launch a collection of Windows XP-themed t-shirts.

The “Hardwear” collection includes a variety of Windows XP-themed T-shirts, jackets, pants, and hats, along with old-timey icons like the wallpaper with the green grass hill…etc. The starting price for a shirt is from 60 USD to about 1.4 million VND.

According to Amanda O’Neal, director of social and cross-cultural communications at Microsoft, “The collection reflects the Normcore style, a lifestyle that focuses on individuals, not the clothes they wear. Every piece has a purpose, and every piece in Hardwear has a meaning.”

This is Microsoft’s first capsule collection with a purpose to bring a bold technology style to fashion. It also helps to recall Windows XP – the once legendary operating system for every computer user.

Not only Windows XP, the things around it are also brought back. For example, the collection also includes an MS Paint t-shirt that mimics the original color scheme of this fun drawing app and a “Hardwear” hat with Microsoft’s iconic 1990s colorants.

The prices of these items are also not cheap. A T-shirt can be bundled with a price of 60 USD (about 1.4 million VND) while the accompanying hat costs 45 USD, about 1 million VND.

In fact, Microsoft will also occasionally launch its own commemorative fashion collections like Windows XP sweaters in 2020.

Microsoft has also sold Xbox-branded clothing for many years, and also sells a variety of clothing in its store. Microsoft even started selling its Windows sweaters in 2020, with a mix of elements of MS Paint, Windows XP, Windows 95, and the legendary Minesweeper.

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