Technology news at noon September 14: 5 iPads worth buying in September, Galaxy A52s sold out, iPhone 11 Pro super cheap

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2022-09-16 18:00:57

Update hot technology news at noon on September 14: 5 iPads worth buying in September; OPPO Find X6 Series is coming soon; Xiaomi Civi 2 coming soon; Galaxy A52s sold out; The price of iPhone 11 Pro is cheaper than the newly unboxed Galaxy S21 FE.

5 Apple iPads worth buying in September 2022: All sets from high-end to mid-range and cheap

No matter how developed the tablet market is, Apple’s iPad is still a giant. Even many users equate a tablet with an iPad. This shows the great appeal of the iPad. Undeniably iPad with the smoothness of iOS and strong support from the Apple ecosystem has turned them into the leading multi-function entertainment and work devices today. Here are 5 iPad options worth buying today.

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The upcoming OPPO Find X6 Series will use the powerful Snapdragon 8 Series chip

OPPO announced the Find X5 series in February of this year, so the X6 series could launch around the same time next year. The first reports of the phone’s specifications have been circulating on Weibo in anticipation of the use of two generations of Snapdragon 8 Series chips.

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Xiaomi Civi 2 coming soon with brand new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip

Xiaomi’s mobile product manager recently revealed that Xiaomi is about to release a new smartphone. Now, more evidence suggests that it will be Xiaomi Civi 2 – a successor to Xiaomi Civi launched exactly a year ago.

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Galaxy A52s price in September 2022: Amazingly deeply reduced, sold out on a large scale

Samsung Galaxy A52s is considered the king of mid-range smartphones of the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. The reason is because the configuration belongs to the best series in the mid-range smartphone segment. When Samsung launches the most powerful new smartphone of the Galaxy A series in 2022, the configuration is almost still a repeat of the Galaxy A52s.

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Price of iPhone 11 Pro in September 2022: Cheaper than the newly unboxed Galaxy S21 FE, very little poor configuration of iPhone 14 Pro

Although iPhone 14 Pro has launched with a big change in screen and some more powerful chips, more cameras with more dots. But in terms of core features, the iPhone 11 Pro is not too far behind. In August 2022, the configuration of the iPhone 11 Pro is still quite strong and is sold quite a lot with the same price as the Galaxy S21 FE.

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