Technology – the key for LG to create impressive washing machines in the market

Technology – the key for LG to create impressive washing machines in the market


2021-03-22 08:54:07

Washing machines are products that have gradually become familiar in families but along the way, the design and technology of this product line are constantly being updated. Since its first washing machine was born in 1969, over the past 50 years, Korean electronics company has introduced pioneering technologies, creating revolution in the industry.

LG’s efforts are recognized by customers as its horizontal drum washing machine has an overwhelming market share in Vietnam. Experts and consumers also highly appreciated LG as “Excellent washing machine brand” at the Tech Awards 2020. Particularly, LG AI DD washing machine line also won the category “Bright technology product. create “.

LG brand representative received the award “Excellent brand of washing machine” at Tech Awards 2020

As can be seen, technology is the key to LG’s success today. Let’s review the differences and breakthroughs that the company brings to its washing machine lines.

LG AI DD – The “know” washing machine protects the fabric

This is the latest LG washing machine line that applies artificial intelligence technology to enhance the effectiveness of fabric protection. Through a series of sensors and AI Deep Learning technology, LG AI DD washing machine can determine the hardness / softness of the garment materials in the drum, thereby comparing with 20,000 data on washing habits. and provide a washing cycle that best suits those garments. Thanks to that, LG AI DD is capable of protecting clothes up to 18% compared to conventional horizontal cage washing machines.

It also features TurboWash360 with 4 multi-dimensional spray nozzles, which approach stains in every corner and easily dissolve soap bubbles, thanks to a shorter wash cycle completion time. Not only fast washing, but TurboWash360 also washed clean when combined with 6 DD movements and saves water and consumes less electricity.

Technology - the key for LG to create impressive washing machines on the market - Photo 2.

LG AI DD converges the essence of its predecessor and becomes different thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence technology.

In particular, the direct drive motor that does not use belts provides smooth, durable operation. Another advantage of this engine is that it makes the body more compact but has more washing volume than the same segment of other brands.

Over half a century since the introduction of the first model of washing machine, up to now LG has liberated people from washing work by continuously applying modern technologies. AI DD not only cleans clothes but also changes hands to take care of each fabric. That’s why LG AI DD was named “Innovative Technology Product” at the TechAwards 2020 awards ceremony.

LG TWINWash – High-end laundry solution

LG TWINWash is the pioneering double drum washing machine in Vietnam with the design of two cages operating independently at the same time. The product includes a horizontal door washing machine located above, combined with a “mini” washing machine with the top bottom door, suitable for families who need to care for a lot of laundry or care for delicate items.

Technology - the key for LG to create impressive washing machines on the market - Photo 3.

LG TWINWash is a washing machine belonging to the high-end segment of the LG brand, with outstanding features from design to functionality

TWINWash helps to solve the problem of families with the habit of separating clothes and washing in separate batches: washing adult – children’s clothes, jeans – white clothes, casual clothes – substances delicate fabric materials … Two cages operate at the same time allowing users to save maximum washing time, more time to relax after a long day of work.

LG TWINWash is also integrated with famous LG technologies such as: integrating direct drive motor; 6 Motions technology with 6 characteristic washing movements simulating hand washing movements; TrueSteam technology helps kill bacteria up to 99.999% and reduce wrinkles …

LG TurboWash3D – The washing machine is fast and powerful

Eliminating the belt, the engine on TurboWash3D is a direct drive, attached to the drum to minimize performance loss, reduce vibration, and increase durability due to less moving parts.

Technology - the key for LG to create impressive washing machines on the market - Photo 4.

LG TurboWash3D is like a young man who is energetic, strong and agile is the advantage

High pressure water nozzle from TurboWash 3D technology as the product name, helps to remove stains easily after a 40-minute wash cycle. The LG TurboWash3D also has 6 movements including beating, compressing, rubbing, kneading, rotating and rotating; combined with a direct drive motor that controls the drum in many different directions with the washing tray mechanism to reverse the drum. Thanks to that, the clothes are properly cleaned, reducing damage to the fabric and not causing tangles like normal vertical washing machines.

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